Are You Interesting?

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Are you interesting? As fundraising professionals, our job is to develop relationships on behalf of our organizations. If we are going to do that well, we have to be interesting. How do you get interesting? Get out of your office!

Many fundraisers wear “working all the time” as a badge of honor. They brag about being the last one to leave the office every night and repeatedly work on weekends. I’m here to tell you to stop doing that. Leave on time. Stay out of the office on weekends.

There are reams of research that prove you have to step away and unplug occasionally to be your most productive. Now I’m adding another reason that is specific to fundraising:

  • if you work all the time, you won’t be interesting;
  • if you aren’t interesting, your prospects and donors won’t want to talk to you;
  • if your prospects and donors don’t want to talk to you, you won’t be a good fundraiser.

Here are 5 ways to make yourself more interesting this summer. Whether you have vacation time available or just need to leave the office on time, try these and let me know how it works.

1. Get outside – get out of your cell phone’s service area or go somewhere not safe for your technology (think water, sand, wind, rain). Go for a hike, kayak, paddle board, sit on a beach. Visit a national park or just sit on a park bench.

2. Read fiction – Remember how teachers used to describe reading when you were young? “ Visit a foreign land, travel in time, meet famous people.” That still applies! Not sure what to read? Here’s what’s on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

3. Read nonfiction – Try the latest business book or revisit a classic like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Here’s the New York Times nonfiction best sellers. 

4. Eat something new – Try a new restaurant, experience a new type of food or check out a local dive. Did you know that Food Network has an app that lets you search for featured restaurants? Have you checked to see what local restaurants have made it on the air?

5. Be a tourist in your hometown – no matter where you live, visit a few places that are tourist destinations. Visit Trip Advisor, then for “Where are you going?” type in your own city and select “Things to do in.” Have you been to all the places that come up on the list?

What does all of this have to do with fundraising? NOTHING! That’s exactly the point. If you work late every night and all you think about is fundraising, no one will want to talk to you. So go – get out there and make yourself more interesting. Your donors will be glad.

Sara Leonard, MBA, CFRE, is a fundraising and board governance consultant. She created the Fund Development Academy at the Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay, where she is still a trainer.

Her firm, the Sara Leonard Group, delivers excellent professional guidance, education and facilitation to those responsible for fund development – fundraising professionals, CEOs, CFOs, board members, and other nonprofit staff.


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Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County and the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg welcome you to a community briefing on the launch of Health in All Policies Pinellas County and the release of the

2017 Community Health Needs Assessment.
Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 8-10:30 a.m.
St. Petersburg Marriott Clearwater12600 Roosevelt Blvd. N St. Petersburg, FL 33716

Breakfast & registration:
8 – 8:30 a.m.

Community Health Needs Assessment & Health Improvement Planning
8:30 – 9:30 a.m.
Includes remarks by Dr. Ulyee Choe, Department of Health, release of the 2017 Community Health Needs Assessment report and web portal, and a county health equity report
Health in All Policies Pinellas County Launch

9:30 – 10:30 a.m.
Featuring remarks by Dr. Sandra Whitehead, National Environmental Health Association, and by Health in All Policies Partners: representatives of Pinellas County, City of Pinellas Park, City of St. Petersburg, Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County, Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg and Forward Pinellas


Rave Reviews & Personal Takeaways from 2018 Leadership Conference Breakout Sessions

Jen Dodd, Director of Education & Communications News, Stories

Rave reviews are still pouring in for our 2018 Leadership Conference. We thought we’d share just a few of the a-ha moments and takeaways that attendees have shared with us!

(And to experience a-has of your own, register now for the follow-up meta-skills classes we’re scheduling through the end of the year in the NLC Training Center. Seats are limited to 30 per class, so don’t dawdle!))


SELF CARE: Strategies to Replenish, Recharge & Reboot

NLC trainer and consultant Ellen Nastir was invited back by popular demand and delivered another stellar breakout session. She walked session participants through real-life strategies for understanding and dealing with the people, events, and issues we may struggle with.

For instance, the reminder that “it’s not about capability but capacity” resonated strongly with the hard-working professionals—and parents, and volunteers, and caregivers—in the room.

Ellen laid out the principles of the 4 quadrants of self-care and provided a page full of practical self-care tips, and it was the “practical aspects” of the session that helped participants the most: “’Self-care is so important!’ I hear it all the time but this session made me realize the VALUE of knowing my self-worth, moving forward to recognize my limitations and set healthy boundaries. Thank you!!”

Perhaps the highest praise she could get is the numerous commitments that people made to “share this with others.”

And Ellen’s “snowstorm” exercise was a HUGE hit—but we can’t tell you anymore about it because we don’t want to spoil the fun when Ellen joins us on June 29th for the half-day, deeper dive into SELF CARE: Strategies to Replenish, Recharge and Reboot.


LEADING CHANGE: Releasing Fear and Embracing Innovation in Your Life & Work

NLC trainer and consultant John Loblack, Ed.D., returned for his second Leadership Conference in a row to share with his

breakout participants the steps they can take and tools they can use to get the most from change.

The feedback we heard most often was that John’s session was “awesome” and “very relatable.”

His participants walked away with a new understanding that “change is neutral; our perception makes the difference” and one’s “perception of change can be changed from negative to positive—and thinking of the positive can make fears go

And more than that, they left armed with concrete action plans to “respond to change, not react it.”

John Loblack will deliver even more transformative information in his follow-up session LEADING CHANGE: Releasing Fear & Embracing Innovation in Your Life & Work on July 17th.


INCLUSION: Building a Safe Environment for Open Communications & Belonging

Michele Reeves, NLC’s newest Board member and the Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Raymond James, shared insights into our essential need for belonging and foundational best practices doing to create a safe environment and encourage people to engage in courageous conversations

There were many a-ha moments around the distinction between equality and equity and the understanding that “inclusion is a deliberate action e must put into practice on a daily basis.”

Those who attended Michele’s session hailed it as “motivational and inspiring” and committed to “living the inclusive leadership method, bringing awareness to future leaders” in our midst.

Join Michele for her half-day follow up class INCLUSION: Building a Safe Environment for Open Communications & Belonging on July 20th.



CONNECTION: Relationship Building for Personal & Professional Success  

Expert panelists Kelley Parris and Jack Levine and moderator Bill Fries had a dynamic discussion of the panelists’ best tips and resources to build deeper connections with those around you and foster personal satisfaction and professional success.

With so many passionate folks in the room, it’s no wonder that Jack and Kelley’s networking and advocacy tips were often mentioned as crucial takeaways form this session. The concepts of “intentional coincidence” and volunteers as “time philanthropists” were just two that were cited over and over.

“positivity and pessimism are both contagious.”

NLC trainer Margarita Sarmiento will take the reins for our follow-up class to this engaging panel. Join her at NLC on August 1st for CONNECTION: Creative Ways to Connect at Work.


VISION: Creating Strategic Direction for Your Life & Career

NLC’s own Board Chair and CEO of Girl Scouts of West Central Florida Jessica Muroff joined us this year to facilitate her first breakout session and illustrate the use of dashboards, powerful tools for individual and organizational goal tracking and strategic decision-making.

Attendees were thrilled by “the diversity of the dashboard’s uses—from professional to personal!”

We heard teams discussing—and even applying–the content immediately “This is how to take tracking to the next level! We developed as team –so many ideas bubbled up based on this [breakout].”

And a board member was thrilled with the session: “As a board member I now have expectations for what information should be presented [by my organization].”

We also heard great things about the exchange of ideas and experiences: “The room was filled with people of all levels within their organizations, sharing feedback.”

Join Jessica for a deeper dive into personal and organizational dashboards at her follow up class VISION: Dashboards 101–Creating Strategic Direction for Your Life & Career on August 9.


MINDFULNESS: The Power of Contemplative Leadership

Native Floridian Rick has served as a pastor, nonprofit leader, and Spiritual Care Director in hospice. His interest and leadership in mindfulness and meditation began in seminary and as he served as a pastor. He then took these practices to the business and nonprofit world, leading seminars and trainings, including at Florida Blue, where he now manages community development and education for Florida Blue’s West Region.

During Rick’s highly interactive breakout, attendees learned how mindfulness fosters intentional leadership decisions and a healthier, more productive environment at work and in one’s personal life.

One person called Rick’s “the most interesting and engaging session I’ve been to in years!” Another said, “The 15 practical steps to bring mindfulness to work will be placed on my board at the office. I needed that!”

And then attendees took the next step to develop their personalized actions plans and commitments.

And we’ve already heard back from several teams who have instituted the Mindful Minute at the beginning of meetings! Several others shared their commitment to “quit using words as weapons” after Rick’s session.

Rick’s in-depth follow up to his breakout session sold out on June 1st, so we’re working to arrange another session with him later in 2018.

If you’re feeling bummed that you missed out on one (or all) of these fantastic sessions, be sure to register now for the (longer!! more in-depth!!) sessions through the end of the year. And to be sure you’re among the first to know all about our 2019 Leadership Conference (and other NLC events), subscribe to our weekly emails.

Team NLC introduces our new Education & Data Manager

Jen Dodd, Director of Education & Communications News, Stories

Congratulations are in order: We are so excited to announce Laurel Westmoreland as NLC’s new Education & Data Manager!

If you think, “Hmmmm, she looks familiar.” You’re 100% right!

Laurel has been part of the NLC Team for 2+ years in the Education Associate role where she has worked closely with all of you to manage the pre- and post-class processes for 90+ classes every year in our training center; she had responsibility for scheduling and contracting, posting classes to the website, coordinating with trainers, communicating with students, producing materials, preparing the classroom, compiling evaluation data and tracking outcomes.

That part of the job remains largely the same, but in this newly created and much expanded role, Laurel now takes on new responsibilities related to NLC’s recent transition to a new data management system, “Buzz.”  (We named our new collection of tech—after Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story—because of its potential to drastically improve our internal efficiency and also to allow us to pull out the best nuggets of data which will inform our work and help us grow strategically.  To infinity and beyond!)

As we build this new web of information about our students and their organizations, it will become easier to see patterns and trends which will certainly shape our work as we grow in connection with our amazing Tampa Bay nonprofits.  We look forward to being open to the new opportunities and fresh perspective that upgraded technology allows us.  Laurel is looking forward to thinking creatively about how to best utilize Buzz and excited for the challenge of her new role as Education and Data Manager.

Laurel has a history of accepting newly-created roles because of the opportunity for creativity and innovation that each one presents.  As our resident “Rockstar” personality type, which you’re aware of if you read Sally Hogshead’s book, How the World Sees You or attended the 2017 Leadership Conference, Laurel’s primary advantage is Innovation accompanied by a secondary advantage of Passion. According to Sally, “Rockstars enjoy the uncertainty of trying something new. They look for fresh approaches and innovative ideas. You can count on them to turn standard formulas into a surprising new twist.”

Laurel believes that even when you’re focused on the details, it’s important to remember why you’re doing the work you’re doing and to make sure that each step you take along the way is aligned with your values. And when you take on new challenges with a passionate, unorthodox approach, surprising things can happen!

If you’d like to learn even more about Laurel, click over to the Meet Our Staff page for more insights into what makes our newly appointed Education & Data Manager tick! You can send her a congratulatory email as well!

ALL. THE. TWEETS from 2018 Leadership Conference (sorta)

Jen Dodd, Director of Education & Communications News, Stories

Only 8 days ago nearly 700 Tampa Bay professionals joined us at the 2018 Leadership Conference with Dr. Tasha Eurich–and we’re still hearing from our guests and participants how much they enjoyed our theme of Agility: Meta-Skills for a Changing Workforce and how much they took away from the day!

If you’re wondering what you missed (lots!!), just peruse this sampling of the live tweets from the day.  (Huge thanks to our dedicated team of social media ambassadors who helped kick things off and showed others how to join the online conversation!)

Our attendees moved from anticipation of the event…


…to excitement about the breakouts and facilitators.

We were thrilled to see so many teams in attendance.


And so proud of the professionals who maximized their networking opportunities.

Our breakout facilitators knocked it out of the park–as you can see from the stream of takeaways attendees shared!

Our CEO Emily kicked off the keynote luncheon and shared insights–including bright spots and challenges–from our recently completed scan of the Pinellas County nonprofit sector. It was clear that the audience wanted more, and you can bet we’re going to deliver. So keep an eye on this page for a series of blog posts detailing what we did and what we learned.

And then our keynote speaker, Dr. Tasha Eurich, took the stage–and our attendees set the interwebs on fire with their live tweets. We picked a mere handful to share here, but you can see our guests were wowed–and inspired.

And this tweet pretty much says it all:



To see even more messages and takeaways, search our hashtags of the day on your favorite channels: #2018NLCTB, #metaskills, #TimeWellSpent.

And we hope you’ll join us for the additional meta-skills classes in our Training Center on Westshore Blvd over the summer and into the early Fall.

2018 Leadership Conference was AMAZING!

Jen Dodd, Director of Education & Communications News, Stories

All photos by Tacy Briggs-Troncoso Photography

Team NLC is still on Cloud 9 on our first day post-Leadership Conference! We’ll be back next week with more details of the day–the takeaways from our 6 breakouts, the INSIGHTS from Dr. Tasha Eurich’s keynote, and more!!–but for today we thought we’d leave you with a few of our favorite photo highlights of the day!

(If you absolutely can’t wait till our next blog post, go search #2018NLCTB, #metaskills, and #timewellspent on Facebook and Twitter to scroll through all of our attendees’ posts of the day!)


We were thrilled to have so many exhibitors join us–and our attendees appreciated the opportunities to meet them and learn about their services as well!

And special thanks to CAN Community Health for not only exhibiting but also sponsoring one of our breakout rooms!

Our breakout facilitators were dynamic and engaging!


And breakouts were full of interactive exercises and impactful takeaways!


We loved seeing so many full teams on for-profit and nonprofit professionals joining us for a day or personal and professional development!

Special thanks to presenting sponsor Bank of America for not only partnering with us as a funder for the 8th year in a row but also for providing volunteers for Conference set-up on the 16th and various important guest services roles on Conference day itself! And Market President for Tampa Bay Bill Geode–below, in the grey suit–did an excellent job introduction our keynote speaker and was game to come on stage during the keynote to help illustrate a couple of Tasha’s key points! (Thanks again, Bill!)


We were thrilled to host a sell-out crowd of nearly 700 professionals–for the third year in a row!


And the networking opportunities were plentiful!


We’ve been told Dr. Tasha Eurich is one of our best keynote speakers EVER!

\ \


Thank you to everyone who made the 2018 Leadership Conference happen! It was absolutely #TimeWellSpent!

And again, THANK YOU to our Sponsors!

Answering a few FAQs about our SOLD OUT 2018 Leadership Conference on May 17th

Jen Dodd, Director of Education & Communications News, Stories


Team NLC can’t wait to see everyone next Thursday at the SOLD OUT 2018 Leadership Conference; our registered attendees are in for a great day of learning and networking (bring business cards)!

(We are still currently accepting people on a waiting list; if you’d like to join that list, please email us at We’ll need your name, organization, title, email address and phone number.)

To ensure that our guests’ experiences are spectacular, we’re sharing some important information via our blog this week in the form of FAQs.

I just can’t wait; what time should I get there? We can’t wait to see you! Registration, networking, and the Exhibit Hall open at 8:00 am, and we’ve packed the schedule with incredible personal and professional development opportunities at every turn: Breakouts begin at 9:15 and 10:30. The Keynote with Dr. Tasha Eurich will start promptly at 12:00 noon. Tasha will be signing books (available for purchase at Leadership Conference) until 2:15 pm. Click here for a more detailed timeline.

Please don’t forget to check in at Registration upon arrival and then we hope you’ll tweet, ‘gram, and post your way through networking, both breakout sessions, the Keynote, and the post-Conference book signing.

Where am I going again? We’ll see you at the Tampa Convention Center again this year so we can accommodate 6 breakouts PLUS a keynote—and almost 700 of you! TCC is located at 333 S Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602.

Parking’s on us! NLC is happy to pick up the tab for parking for everyone attending Leadership Conference. Be sure to pick up your voucher at registration; this will cover your parking fee. Simply enter the chaser ticket at the gate as you exit the garage in your car. And here’s an insider tip: while parking in the TCC lot at 333 S. Franklin Street is fine, you might find that parking in the South Regional Garage at 301 Channelside Drive will be easier.

Directions to the South Regional Garage:

From the North:
Take I-275 South, Take Exit 44 toward Downtown-West, Merge onto N. Ashley Dr., Turn Left onto Jackson St., Turn Right onto Tampa St., Turn Left onto Whiting St., Turn Right onto Franklin St., Turn Left onto Channelside Dr., Turn Right onto Florida Ave.

From the West (Pinellas):
Take I-275 North, Take Exit 44 toward Downtown-East/West, Take the Ashley ramp toward Downtown-West/Tampa St., Merge onto N. Ashley Dr., Turn Left onto Jackson St., Turn Right onto Tampa St., Turn Left onto Whiting St., Turn Right onto Franklin St., Turn Left onto Channelside Dr., Turn Right onto Florida Ave.

And to the TCC garage:

From the North:
Take I-275 South, Take Exit 44 toward Downtown-West, Merge onto N. Ashley Dr., Turn Left onto Jackson St., Turn Right onto Tampa St.

From the West (Pinellas):
Take I-275 North, Take Exit 44 toward Downtown-East/West, Take the Ashley ramp toward Downtown-West/Tampa St., Merge onto N. Ashley Dr., Turn Left onto Jackson St., Turn Right onto Tampa St. 

Where’s my seat? You’ll have seats, plural, actually. This is no sit-in-one-spot-for-hours event! You’ll have the chance to move between the Exhibit Hall, breakout rooms, and the ballroom over the course of the day.

Choose any seat you like at your breakout sessions.

When it comes time for the Keynote luncheon, we’re pleased to be able to offer individual ticket holders increased flexibility: You can sit with whomever you like at any table designated “General Seating.”

Sponsor Guests and teams who bought 10 tickets, please be sure to ask for your Keynote table assignment at Registration.

You’re going to have the chance to network with so many more people! We’ve built a schedule that’s sure to bring you into contact with a maximum number of new people! Please wear your company name tag, bring a stock of business cards, and use the 10/5 rule to really cement these new connections. (You remember this from our 2016 Leadership Conference with Shawn Achor, right? At 10 feet make eye contact and smile; at 5 feet offer simple and warm greeting.)

What’s to eat? There will be coffee, tea, water, and snacks in the Exhibit Hall by the time you take your first networking break. We’ll all enjoy lunch together in the ballroom at noon. You’ll enjoy a hearty and healthy entrée salad and a sweet treat, thanks to Florida Blue and My Benefit Partners, our lunch and dessert sponsors. If you would like the vegan/gluten free option for your meal, please alert a volunteer when you check in at registration.

Join the fun—and share it! We’d love it if you would post to social media, tagging your company and us (@NLCTB, @TashaEurich). Photos are always appreciated. Please do use our hashtags: #2018NLCTB, #metaskills, and #TimeWellSpent. Have fun with it! Selfies are wholeheartedly encouraged.

I’m bummed; something has come up and I can’t make it – what should I do? We’ll miss you, but thanks for thinking to let us know! You may send someone in your place. Please call our office at 813-287-8779 and provide their information as soon as possible. If you need to make a change the day of, please have your replacement guest see anyone at registration. As noted during registration, no refunds or program credits are available.

Anything else I should know? Good question! A few things to remember: bring business cards for networking and the Year of Training drawing; the facility may be chilly so bring a jacket; and don’t forget that you can purchase Tasha’s book—and have it signed—onsite. You might also want to bring a power charger for your phone; sharing your insights and new connections can really run through a charge!

I know it’s going to be great; how can I share my thoughts with you? We sure do like having people like you join us! You’ll have a chance to fill out an evaluation for each of your 2 chosen breakout sessions and the overall Conference. We love your feedback and can’t wait to hear what you liked best and any ideas on how we can make it even better next year.

If you have any other questions, please let us know. See you on Thursday, May 17th!

Top 7 Things to Know about May 17th, 2018

Jen Dodd, Director of Education & Communications News, Stories


Team NLC, our Board of Trustees, and our Planning Committee are excitedly counting down to our 8th annual Leadership Conference on May 17th (only 19 days!!!) And we’re thrilled to announce that Conference is on track to completely sell out again this year—for the 3rd year in a row!

May 17th will be an incredible day of building the meta-skills that will help you succeed—personally and professionally—with local, regional, and national experts, including our Keynote Speaker, organizational psychologist and best-selling author, Dr. Tasha Eurich.

We’ll be communicating more detailed information with our registered guests as the event date nears but today we’re sharing the Top 7 Things you (and your guests) need to know about the 2018 Leadership Conference:

Thing No. 7 (who seems to have run off the screen…): So, what’s a meta-skill? A meta-skill is one super-skill that you can apply to many different situations in life–even those you’ve never faced before–to be successful. We’ve chosen to focus on 7 crucial meta-skills at the 2018 Leadership Conference: Vision; Self Care; Leading Change; Mindfulness, Inclusion; Connection; and Self-Awareness. The first six are the subjects of our breakout sessions and the final meta-skill is the focus of our Keynote.

Thing No. 6 (also UA): We have SO. MANY. experts on deck! We’ve tapped 8 local and regional experts to facilitate 6 breakouts teach us new meta-skills. You and your guests will be part of working breakout sessions—these aren’t lectures!—where you’ll learn proven techniques and create individual action plans to change the way you approach every interaction. Give yourself and your guests a leg up on other attendees by sharing the link to our 2018 Leadership Conference page with them so you can each start thinking about which 2 (of the 6) breakout sessions you’ll attend. You can also share the blog posts where we announced the speakers and topics here and here.

Thing No. 5 (aha! finally, a reliable Thing): Meet up! You’re going to have the chance to network with so many people and organizations. With a confirmed crowd of nearly 700, you’ve never had a better chance to meet new peers and forge new connections. Wear your corporate name tag and bring business cards! Take advantage of one-stop-shopping as you examine the varied products and services our Exhibitors have to share.

Thing No. 4: Power lunches are back! Make use of the seated luncheon in the ballroom to network and swap takeaways with your table mates. M.E. Wilson is providing notebooks again this year, so you can write down your aha moments and makes notes about all of your great new connections. And our Dessert Sponsor, My Benefit Partners, has arranged a truly sweet treat during the Keynote!

Thing No. 3: Parking’s on us! NLC is happy to pick up the tab for parking for everyone attending Leadership Conference. And here’s Insider Tip No. 1: while parking in the TCC lot at 333 S. Franklin St. is fine, you will probably find that parking in the South Regional Garage at 301 Channelside Drive will be easier. (Check your email in box for handy driving directions in the coming weeks.) Collect your parking voucher at registration and then (Insider Tip No. 2) hand it to the attendant or insert it into the machine when you pull up to the garage exit in your car (no need to stop at the machines near the entrance doors as you’re waking back to your car).

Thing No. 2: The early bird gets the worm–and beats traffic! Doors open at 8 am, and we’ve packed the schedule with incredible personal and professional development opportunities at every turn: Breakouts begin at 9:15 and 10:30. The Keynote with Dr. Tasha Eurich will start promptly at 12:00 noon. For a more detailed timeline, see our 2018 Leadership Conference page.

Thing No. 1: Stay late, too! After the Keynote, we’ll have a special networking reception and book signing with Dr. Tasha Eurich. We’ve given you a few sneak peeks and previews via her guest blog posts here, here, here, and here. But for the true insight (see what we did there? That’s the title of her book!)…for the true insight that will transform how you see yourself and impact your path to success, you’ll have to join us for Tasha’s keynote.  And then stay on to talk with our speaker and have Tasha sign your copy of her book! (Besides, traffic will slack up a bit while you’re networking and rubbing elbows with a best-selling author—aren’t you the smart one?!)

Are you excited now? We sure are! Team NLC, our Board of Trustees, and the Planning Committee simply can’t wait to host you at the Tampa Convention Center.

If you’re already registered to attend, expect additional details via email over the next week or so, and the Leadership Conference page on our web site is always a great resource. Plus, we’re here to answer any questions: or 813-287-8779.

If you haven’t registered yet, why not? Seats are limited—and selling fast!

(And don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter so you’re among the first to know about the 2019 Leadership Conference!)



Meeting Space Offered to Tampa Bay Nonprofits at No Charge!

Lorraine Faithful News

The Suites at Madison, 412 E. Madison Street, 12th Floor, is adding a Classroom / Training Room May 1, 2018.  The new room will seat 25-30 in a classroom type setting or up to 40 when seated theater-style.   The tables are rolling which also allows to clear the space for a reception area as well.

For a limited amount of non-profits, The Suites at Madison would like to offer the space at no charge.

Normal business hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM but as late as 7:30 PM for  groups that want to meet a little later.

For more information on how to sign up please contact Penny Lawrence by email, or by phone, 813-345-2828 and visit