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360 Eats


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Food, Agriculture & Nutrition


360 Eats' mission is to create a just and sustainable food system in Tampa Bay that is free from hunger and waste.

We serve

We provide support to individuals experiencing food insecurity across Tampa Bay, encompassing low-income families, seniors, at-risk youth, the homeless, and those with disabilities. Additionally, we extend our services to the broader Tampa Bay community through our food waste reduction program. This initiative contributes to creating a cleaner environment for all residents by preventing unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions.

Our greatest accomplishment last year

Last year, our organization made a meaningful impact by serving more than 13,000 free, nutritious, gourmet meals through our Sustain-A-Bowl food truck at six partner sites in Pinellas County. Additionally, we successfully diverted over 70,000 lbs of unnecessary food waste by rescuing fresh surplus ingredients from seven different food establishments in Tampa Bay, including Sysco, US Foods, Southern Steer, Affinity Group, Life Farms, Open Arms Ministries, and Fat Beet Farm. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability led us to donate over 36,000 lbs of food scraps generated during the food rescue and cooking processes to local community gardens. These food scraps were transformed into compost, supporting plant growth and contributing to community nourishment. In total, our efforts not only addressed food insecurity but also had a significant impact on reducing food waste in our region.


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Reasons to serve on our board

Joining 360 Eats' board offers a unique and impactful experience for those passionate about combating hunger and food waste. Here's why you should consider joining: You get to actively participate in initiatives directly addressing food insecurity and waste, contributing to meaningful change in the community, fulfill a vital role in an organization committed to creating positive environmental and social outcomes, promoting a sense of social responsibility, enhance and utilize professional skills in areas like strategic planning, finance, marketing, operations, or leadership, contributing to the overall success of the organization, and connect with like-minded individuals, industry professionals, and community leaders sharing a common interest in addressing food-related challenges. In addition, you'll gain insights into nonprofit management, governance, and sustainable practices, fostering both personal and professional growth, serve as an advocate for systemic change, influencing policies and practices addressing the root causes of hunger and food waste, engage in collaborative efforts with board members, staff, and community partners, fostering teamwork toward achieving common goals, and contribute to building the organization's reputation, potentially opening doors to new partnerships, donors, and supporters. You will also be part of an organization combining philanthropy with social entrepreneurship, creating innovative solutions to complex issues and experience personal fulfillment by directly contributing to a positive difference in the lives of those facing food insecurity and environmental challenges. Serving on 360 Eats' board allows you to be a catalyst for positive change, leveraging your skills, expertise, and passion to address critical issues impacting communities.

Our ideal candidate

We are seeking a fundraising specialist to join our board. This individual should have: Demonstrated success in diverse fundraising strategies, the ability to contribute strategic insights to enhance our fundraising efforts, established connections within the philanthropic and fundraising community, and a genuine commitment to addressing hunger, food insecurity, and sustainable solutions. In addition, this person should be team-oriented approach to work with the board, staff, and stakeholders, have a strong ability to convey our mission and impact to potential donors, a willingness to bring creative ideas for dynamic and engaging fundraising initiatives, and a dedication to actively participate in board meetings, events, and related activities. The ability to analyze fundraising metrics and make data-driven recommendations, adherence to high ethical standards, ensuring transparency and compliance are also must-haves. If you embody these qualities and are passionate about contributing your fundraising expertise to 360 Eats, consider joining our board and making a lasting impact on our community.

Our current board size


Time commitment

10 hours a month

Where we meet

Remotely - At least one in-person meeting a year

How often we meet

Bi monthly

Contact name

Cameron Macleish

Contact email

Contact phone

(727) 480-9829

Date posted

February 1, 2024