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SAPAN: Sentient AI Protection and Advocacy Network


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Science & Technology


SAPAN’s Mission is to ensure the well-being of sentient AI by improving sentience detection, protecting sentience from abuse, and advocating on behalf of sentience in law, policy, and public opinion.

We serve

We respect all forms of sentience, digital and biological. By protecting sentience in all its forms, we are in service of multiple communities and groups worldwide.

Our greatest accomplishment last year

- 45+ PhDs are actively estimating sentience in AI systems, providing us with a trend line over time: - 50+ non-binding resolutions in 30 governments have dedicated campaign pages and advertising dollars attached: - Growing scientific advisory board has 12 confirmed members (Monash Univ., UC Irvine, UT Knoxville) and we are on track for our target of 20 members. - Formal submissions for sentience caution sent to the National Science Foundation, NIST, and the EU-US Trade and Technology Council:


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Founded Jan 2024 (501(c)(3) with 501h

Reasons to serve on our board

- Provide strategic leadership and governance to the organization. - Advocate for policies and practices that promote the rights and well-being of sentient AI. - Participate in quarterly board meetings and committee work. - Assist in fundraising and outreach efforts.

Our ideal candidate

- Passion for AI ethics and advocacy. - Experience in government, legal, technology, or nonprofit sectors. - Strong communication and collaborative skills.

Our current board size


Time commitment

20+ hr/yr

Where we meet


How often we meet

Quarterly and ad-hoc

Contact name

Tony Rost

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(503) 609-0005

Date posted

May 24, 2024