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OrganizationEarly Learning Coalition of Hillsborough County
We're located in...Hillsborough County
Our mission is...provide children, birth to 5 years, high quality, equitable and inclusive early learning experiences preparing them for success in school and life
We serve...Early Learning Programs, Early Education teachers, and families with children age 0-5
Our greatest accomplishment last year was...Continuing to serve the community in the face of COVID-19 and distributing more than $10M to local early learning programs through CARES funding.
You can view our most recent Form 990 at this
Serving on our board will be awesome for you because...

The not-for-profit Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough County is seeking new Board members.

The neighborhood where a baby is born shouldn’t determine how safe, supported and successful they become. That’s why the Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough County works to ensure all our community’s youngest children grow up to achieve anything they can imagine by providing the best possible early learning experiences and supporting families and teachers who care for them. The ELCHC accomplishes this by:

  • increasing access to early learning experiences regardless of a family’s income or life circumstance
  • by empowering teachers with the skills and supports to prepare children for school and life
  • by collaborating with the community to raise awareness that learning starts at birth and advance educational outcomes for children and families in our community

Because nearly all brain development occurs by age 5, what we do for our children today determines who they become tomorrow. As a member of the Board of Directors for ELCHC, together we’ll create a healthier future for Hillsborough County and all who live and work here.

The Board of Directors meets quarterly, and all members are covered by Florida’s Sunshine Law. The ELHC Board of Directors consists of 24 members as defined by legislation, 3 gubernatorial appointed seats (including the Chair), 12 representatives from local government agencies and up to 9 private sector board members. Each of the seats serve in a governance capacity and help to shape the direction of the ELCHC. To see a list of current board members please visit our website by clicking here.

Currently the ELCHC is seeking a Chair for its Board of Directors (appointed by the Governor) and a second Governor appointed Board member. Candidates must reside in Florida and must not be a child-care business owner or employee. If you are interested in serving one of these leadership roles and in advancing the early learning outcomes for our county, please apply to the Governor’s office by clicking here

Our ideal candidate is...

Is passionate about the importance of early education and its impact of the community.

Our current board size is...22
We meet (when and where)...Monthly via a hybrid meeting
The time commitment is...a few hours a month
Contact...Kelley Minney, Manager Donor Relations,
PostedSeptember 15, 2021