Board Listing Details

OrganizationThe Village Ltd.
We're located in...Denver, CO
Our mission is...To Spread the Beauty and Power of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
We serve...A program for early elementary students that is currently in the IP phase and getting rave reviews from experts. Please contact to discuss details.
Our greatest accomplishment last year was...The Village Ltd. is a start-up 501c3 formed in 2021. Our greatest accomplishments were organization formation and development/testing of IP Products in preparation for release.
You can view our most recent Form 990 at this
Serving on our board will be awesome for you because...

In 2021, The Village Ltd, a start-up Colorado 501c3, was founded to be the keeper/protector of a specific brand and group of developed IP products in the DEI space. In choosing the nonprofit model, the founder wanted to preserve its nonsectarian profile and protect the brand from corporate stockholders or stakeholder demands that could damage or diminish the organization’s mission. The Village‘s current audience is pre-school - 3rd grade, with the potential to expand up to 12th grade once the brand gains a foothold in the market.

Besides seeking board members who are leaders in their fields, we are looking for board members who will act as brand ambassadors and care about our mission as much as we do. The Village, Ltd. has a tremendous upside of $200+m and our plan is to release first throughout the United States and, depending on its level of success, look to move forward with a global expansion plan. Like other nonprofit organizations that have obtained this size, our goal would be to reinvest as much net profits as possible back into our communities and schools.

If this sounds as exciting to you as it does to us - please reach out.

Our ideal candidate is...


  • Has a great deal of board/executive experience - 10+ years
  • Has a passion for creating businesses where DEI isn’t just a word but a lived experience.
  • Diverse, Diverse, Diverse - We are looking for brains and realize brains come in all different packages. So, bring us your brains, whatever packaging it comes in!
  • Has a goal in life to contribute to the creation of a company whose products not only produce measurable social change but also make money and distributes excess profits back into the communities it serves.
  • Honest, reputable, and recognized as pillars in their community and willing to use their connections to serve the social good.
Our current board size is...Just forming - Founder (1) - Need 3 but ideally looking for 6 board members in total
We meet (when and where)...Will be determined once board starts to develop but until we start obtaining funding will be virtual
The time commitment is...3 years
Contact...Annmarie Maynard, (Founder) President & CEO
PostedDecember 3, 2021