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OrganizationMy Hope Chest
We're located in...Hillsborough County
Our mission is...The purpose of My Hope Chest is to help restore self-esteem, dignity and confidence to breast cancer survivors by facilitating and funding, as needed, reconstructive surgery for those who do not have adequate financial means to afford such surgery and to educate survivors on their breast reconstruction options.
We serve...Survivors of breast cancer surgery who need assistance with breast reconstruction and the financial assistance associated with the surgery and recovery.
Our greatest accomplishment last year was...Paid the mortgage of a cancer survivor with 4 dependents for 8 months.
You can view our most recent Form 990 at this
Serving on our board will be awesome for you because...

You will get a chance to contribute to making a lasting difference in the lives of breast cancer survivors and their families. Our program of financial assistance for breast reconstruction surgery and medical bill pay assistance truly change the lives of our survivors and their entire families, who are also impacted by a cancer diagnosis. We have also assisted survivors with covering food assistance, electric bills, water bills, car payments, cell phone service, and other bills that would go unpaid while the survivors is out-of-work during surgery and recovery.

Our "Creating Butterflies ~ Surgery Program" provides free breast reconstruction surgery to qualifying applicants. My Hope Chest connects plastic surgeons with breast cancer survivors who desire breast reconstruction but are unable to afford either co-pays or the entire surgery. We assess/vet the financial criteria of our applicants and our plastic surgeon partners have the final say on the medical eligibility of each candidate.

By joining the My Hope Chest Governing Board or Advisory Board, you will help turn breast cancer survivors into "butterflies" and make them whole again in body, mind and spirit.

Our ideal candidate is...

We have a variety of needs for governing board and advisory board members. If you think have any of the following traits, My Hope Chest wants you: strategic in thinking, engaging, good at raising funds, experiences in writing grants, have a passion for helping cancer survivors, enjoy seeing the benefits of your work, want to broaden your community connections, or want to give to others.

Our current board size is...4 (board), 9 (advisory board)
We meet (when and where)...Monthly
The time commitment is...2 - 4 hours per month
Contact...Shawn H. Robinson, Esq., Ed.D., Advisor Board Member,
PostedDecember 13, 2021