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8/11/22Board CommitteeInternational Fellowship Canadian (IFCA)
7/19/22Governance BoardLumina Youth Choirs
7/09/22Governance BoardAquatic Ally
7/05/22Governance BoardHummingbird Haven, Inc.
7/03/22Advisory CouncilGames For Love
7/02/22Governance BoardFamily Enrichment Services
5/23/22Governance BoardDawning Family Services
5/04/22Governance BoardFamily Promise of Pinellas County
4/27/22Governance BoardEpilepsy Services Foundation, Inc.
4/19/22Governance BoardThe Aunt Sister Project
4/16/22Governance BoardEarth to Autism
2/16/22Governance BoardNascent
1/27/22Governance BoardHip Circle Empowerment Center
1/08/22Board CommitteeMatthew Goodwin Art Foundation
12/29/21Advisory CouncilNonprofit Collaborative
12/15/21Governance BoardThe Red Tent Women's Initiative
12/13/21Governance BoardMy Hope Chest
12/03/21Governance BoardThe Village Ltd.
12/02/21Governance BoardAlabama Rural Coalition for the Homeless
11/12/21Governance BoardCounselors of Color
11/09/21Governance BoardHudson Center for Community and Environment
10/26/21Governance BoardHomeless Leadership Alliance
10/20/21Governance Boardahaba
10/19/21Governance BoardReDefiners World Languages
10/12/21Advisory CouncilBest Buddies Michigan