Board Listing Details

OrganizationHip Circle Empowerment Center
We're located in...Evanston, IL
Our mission is...Through dance, fitness, and community we empower ALL women to believe they are strong, beautiful, and worthy of attention.
We serve...As our mission statement says, Hip Circle aims to empower ALL women, regardless of gender assignment, sexuality, religion, ability, skin color, country of origin, age, economic position, or background.
Our greatest accomplishment last year was...Publishing an anthology of women's voices titled "Struggle, Elevate, & Celebrate" in honor of International Women's Day:
You can view our most recent Form 990 at this
Serving on our board will be awesome for you because...

serving on the Hip Circle Empowerment Center Board is a fantastic learning opportunity! It’s a chance to learn more about dance, fitness, women's empowerment, and anti-diet culture. It’s also a valuable opportunity to expand your network, and meet other strong, beautiful, and worthy women to connect with. You also have the opportunity to positively contribute to the lives of women all over the country and improve their sense of community and acceptance!


Our ideal candidate is...
  • enthusiastic and passionate about dance, fitness, women's empowerment, and anti-diet culture
  • eager to participate in meetings and fundraising, with the ability to contribute financially
  • excited for committee work and adding value (we currently have two committees: recruiting and fundraising)
  • constantly proposing new ideas and solutions for challenges
  • curious to learn more and willing to listen to and explore new ideas
  • creative and innovative with strong communication skills
Our current board size is...5
We meet (when and where)...On the first Thursday evening of each month, virtually
The time commitment is...8-10 hours a month
Contact...Laura Litton, Board President,
PostedJanuary 27, 2022