Board Listings

OrganizationPathfinder Outdoor Education
We're located in...South St. Petersburg, FL
Our mission deliver fun, challenging adventures that help people learn about themselves, others and the environment.
We serve...communities who want more than a field trip or gathering but, want to do something that will strength their ties, their communication skills all while having fun!
Our greatest accomplishment last year was...Utilizing our scholarship fund to bring over 500 students from local public schools to our site for team building and tree climbing.
You can view our most recent Form 990 at this
Serving on our board will be awesome for you because...

At Pathfinder Outdoor Education, our dedicated board members understand that they are helping to lead an organization that gives participants the gift of adventure, the joy of nature, and the skills of confidence and leadership. Our board is part of our community and we foster relationships between board and staff; support our board with learning opportunities; and have  lots of fun.

Our ideal candidate is...

Excited to be part of a caring community. We have board members with various backgrounds. We are not looking for a specific skill but for an open mindset and a willingness to be an active participant in conversations.

Our current board size is...9
We meet (when and where)...Every other month at our site in South St. Petersburg
The time commitment is...A term is 3 years. In addition to the board meetings an additional 1-2 hours a week might be spent on board work.
Contact...Sherry Bagley, Co-Executive Director, 727.328.0300,
PostedMay 15, 2018