Board Listing Details

We're located in...Tampa
Our mission is...To create opportunities for people to experience, create, and collaborate through the Arts
We serve...Tampa Bay and surrounding counties
Our greatest accomplishment last year was...Providing a grant to an area Art Teacher for classroom supplies
You can view our most recent Form 990 at this
Serving on our board will be awesome for you because...

We are small and growing - this is an excellent opportunity for someone to help area residents on the grassroots level.

Our ideal candidate is...

We are seeking a CPA or otherwise certified financial manager to serve as Treasurer

Our current board size is...7
We meet (when and where)...Sunday evenings in Tampa (Westchase)
The time commitment is...2-5 hours per month; more time leading up to our flagship programing event (in the Fall) & mandatory the day of ArtLAB
Contact...Sarah Thornhill, Board President 813-955-5833
PostedJuly 25, 2018