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OrganizationReDefiners World Languages
We're located in...2260 UNIVERSITY SQUARE MALL, TAMPA, FL 33612
Our mission is...To create equity and access to world language educational opportunities for ALL elementary students.
We serve...people who have great interest in learning languages, especially Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish, and English.
Our greatest accomplishment last year was...We attracted over 1500 event attendees and more 70 volunteers to join, and nearly 300 students got educated.
You can view our most recent Form 990 at this
Serving on our board will be awesome for you because...

ReDefiners recognizes your professionalism, commitment to serving others and your interpersonal skills. We invite you to consider investing your time and resources with ReDefiners, a grassroots organization, as we continue to positively impact in our community.

The imminent role of the Board of Directors is to provide fiduciary responsibility, review programs and budgets, and strategically solicit funds to support the sustainability and scalability of ReDefiners. The role of each member if the Board requires that members perform a balance of asking big questions, exploring alternative possibilities, engaging in real dialogue, solving problems and offering direction.

Our ideal candidate is...

We welcome professionals with the background of  Finance, Law, IT and organization development to join our board as directors.

Time Commitment

  • 1-Year (Renewable Term)
  • Monthly Meetings (2 hours per meeting)
  • Actively participate in committee meetings as required.

Financial Commitment

  • Personal contribution of $1200 per year ($100/month)
  • Commitment to active fund development efforts for duration of term.
Our current board size is...5
We meet (when and where)...monthly meeting in ReDefiners World Language, Inc
The time commitment is...1 year as renewable term
Contact...Chantelle Daniels, Founder and Executive director, (813) 530-2313,
PostedSeptember 10, 2018