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OrganizationFlorida Institute for Community Studies (FICS like "fix")
We're located in...Hillsborough
Our mission partner with communities across Florida to help them achieve their goals through research, education, training, services and the arts. FICS creates opportunities across lines of color, class, language and ethnicity. #FICSCreates
We serve...rural and underserved populations, high concentration of Latinos and immigrants, communities of South Shore and Town n Country
Our greatest accomplishment last year was...Through our programming we strengthened 400 youth, many of whom are immgrants, and fostered community collaboration on a wide range of issues including scholastic achievement, reading, public safety and mental health.
You can view our most recent Form 990 at this
Serving on our board will be awesome for you because...

FICS operates via community-based strategic planning where community members are actively identifying and working on solutions to problems they identify.  Our community members are exceptionally resilient, especially the immigrant families who are struggling to fit into US and FL culture. You will be assisting a small local non-profit that listens to the community and actively partners with communities towards solutions.  We want to put ourselves out of business by solving all these inter-related issues that put our most vulnerable at-risk: policies that hurt minorities and immigrants, poor parent-school-child communication, lack of job security, low wages and lack of safety.  YOU can help us help communities by serving, advocating, helping us fundraise to pay for line items not covered by grants and other funding sources.


Our ideal candidate is...

FICS operates with By-Laws that stipulate we will keep a minority board, which we have managed to do.  We currently have an extreme need for a person with a background in finance/accounting, due to the 2013 change to NPO IRS laws.

Our ideal candidate is passionate about helping FICS move to the next level through:



Resource Development

Board Development

We don't need programmatic gurus because our community are the gurus in our model!  We DO need folks who believe in our cause and can help us raise our fundraising goals for the board (which are set by the next board).

Our current board size is...8
We meet (when and where)...FICS @Morgan Woods Recreation Center 7510 Soccer Ave, Tampa FL 33634 or at the TNC Library
The time commitment is...3 hours/month
Contact...Alayne Unterberger, Founder/Chief Cook+Bottlewasher/Anthropologist, 813-477-2882 is my cell
PostedApril 10, 2019