Four Critical HR Policies for Nonprofit Organizations

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How you run your nonprofit organization determines its success, from the employees you hire to the policies and practices you adopt. When it comes to HR policies for nonprofit organizations, there are four human resource practices every nonprofit should have in place to operate ethically and with excellence. Even if your organization already has these HR policies in place, it’s …

WATCH: A Quick Start Guide to Succession Planning for Nonprofits

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Every time a nonprofit has a transition at the CEO level, this shift in leadership impacts the organization’s financial stability, strategic direction and employee engagement. But a 2017 survey found that only 27% of nonprofit organizations have a succession plan. In this video, you will learn how to develop a robust succession plan for your nonprofit that addresses the three …

Image of female employee with text Your Nonprofit Guide to Retaining Employees

Your Nonprofit Guide to Retaining Staff


Ask any nonprofit leader what’s keeping them up at night, and chances are retaining staff is high on their list. Although 87 percent of employers say improving employee retention is a critical priority, more than three in four nonprofits (81%) lack a formal retention strategy. Creating a robust employee retention plan may seem daunting, but there are steps you can …