Trainer │ Emily Ghosh Harris

Founder of Soul Media Global, Emily Harris is an accomplished business strategist, visionary and entrepreneur. Emily has an extensive digital media background, specializing in brand development and experiential marketing. Before founding Soul Media, Emily earned a Master of Business Administration degree and was one of the youngest Directors trusted to lead the Digital Marketing department for a Fortune 500 company. Since then she has spearheaded digital marketing campaigns and developed brand strategy for some of the largest media companies in the world, multi-billion dollar brands, startups and everything in between.

Emily’s charisma and passion for her work is magnetizing. Her ability to help clients connect with their target audience in a meaningful way and inspire brand loyalty is what makes her a powerful force and thought leader in the digital marketing world. Emily has dedicated her career to helping individuals and businesses of all sizes reach their highest potential.

When she’s not helping women entrepreneurs and conscious companies make global impact, Emily enjoys traveling, interviewing guests on her podcast – The Soul Collective, and spending time on the water.