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Measure the lmpact
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The Nonprofit Leadership
Center did just that.

Charting Your Impact

At the Nonprofit Leadership Center, we teach nonprofits about the importance of demonstrating the impact of their work. As the literature in the field confirms, this is often not easy because most nonprofit organizations don’t have the resources to conduct long term studies to demonstrate that their work had a significant impact. That is the position in which we found ourselves. We have however learned that we can demonstrate our own impact by measuring those areas of our work that we can control.

For a wealth of information about the concept of measuring what you can control, please read Mark Friedman’s book titled, “Trying Hard is not Good Enough.”

As part of demonstrating our impact, NLC completed the Charting Impact process that was developed by GuideStar USA, BBB Wise Giving Alliance, and Independent Sector. The process helped us to clarify where we are going as an organization, it clarified our strategies, and helped us to be clear about what we measure and why. We found this process tremendously valuable. It has made us feel stronger as an organization and better able to communicate our focus for the next three to five years.

We hope you will find it useful to review our work as you think about going through this process with your organization. To complete your own Charting Impact Questions, visit Charting

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To review the work NLC accomplished to chart its own impact on our Tampa Bay community, download the PDF here.