2018 SVP Tampa Bay Fast Pitch | 10/25/18

Jenn Dodd News

For non-profits and social enterprises who struggle with balancing the never-ending need to raise money, with improving their operational effectiveness, Social Venture Partners’ mentorship program and Fast Pitch competition provide a fun and collaborative environment for non-profits to become more financially sustainable.

Each year, in conjunction with local colleges and universities, Fast Pitch participants benefit from an expert-led, 6-week accelerator program designed to quickly boost their ability to achieve social enterprise revenue streams and become less dependent upon shrinking governmental and private grants.

Each year Fast Pitch awards $60,000 in cash awards. On top of cash awards, in 2018 $3,000 dollars were raised from event attendees. All participants benefit from the in-kind service value of the accelerator program, which currently exceeds $110,000.

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