Team NLC introduces our new Education & Data Manager

Jen Dodd, Director of Education & Communications News, Stories

Congratulations are in order: We are so excited to announce Laurel Westmoreland as NLC’s new Education & Data Manager!

If you think, “Hmmmm, she looks familiar.” You’re 100% right!

Laurel has been part of the NLC Team for 2+ years in the Education Associate role where she has worked closely with all of you to manage the pre- and post-class processes for 90+ classes every year in our training center; she had responsibility for scheduling and contracting, posting classes to the website, coordinating with trainers, communicating with students, producing materials, preparing the classroom, compiling evaluation data and tracking outcomes.

That part of the job remains largely the same, but in this newly created and much expanded role, Laurel now takes on new responsibilities related to NLC’s recent transition to a new data management system, “Buzz.”  (We named our new collection of tech—after Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story—because of its potential to drastically improve our internal efficiency and also to allow us to pull out the best nuggets of data which will inform our work and help us grow strategically.  To infinity and beyond!)

As we build this new web of information about our students and their organizations, it will become easier to see patterns and trends which will certainly shape our work as we grow in connection with our amazing Tampa Bay nonprofits.  We look forward to being open to the new opportunities and fresh perspective that upgraded technology allows us.  Laurel is looking forward to thinking creatively about how to best utilize Buzz and excited for the challenge of her new role as Education and Data Manager.

Laurel has a history of accepting newly-created roles because of the opportunity for creativity and innovation that each one presents.  As our resident “Rockstar” personality type, which you’re aware of if you read Sally Hogshead’s book, How the World Sees You or attended the 2017 Leadership Conference, Laurel’s primary advantage is Innovation accompanied by a secondary advantage of Passion. According to Sally, “Rockstars enjoy the uncertainty of trying something new. They look for fresh approaches and innovative ideas. You can count on them to turn standard formulas into a surprising new twist.”

Laurel believes that even when you’re focused on the details, it’s important to remember why you’re doing the work you’re doing and to make sure that each step you take along the way is aligned with your values. And when you take on new challenges with a passionate, unorthodox approach, surprising things can happen!

If you’d like to learn even more about Laurel, click over to the Meet Our Staff page for more insights into what makes our newly appointed Education & Data Manager tick! You can send her a congratulatory email as well!