How Learning Makes Us Feel

Grace Armstrong News, Stories

How do you feel when you learn something new and interesting? How does it feel to hear a new idea about how to do something that has challenged you? How does it feel to be with a community of your peers who are learning new things with you?

I think it makes us feel excited and happy. Learning makes us smile and gives us a sense of well-being that has a chance of lasting a while. Learning makes us feel hopeful and it makes us feel competent. At its best, learning gives us a feeling of inspiration. It gives us the feeling that maybe we can accomplish just about anything.

When we use what we learn for the first time all those feelings return. We feel triumphant. Once we have mastered something we have learned, it becomes part of who we are. The thrill and excitement diminish but the feeling of competence stays with us. In order to keep experiencing those feelings of inspiration and excitement, we have to repeat our moments of learning over and over.

When we become committed to continuous learning we assure ourselves of repeatable moments of excitement, well-being, happiness, and inspiration. Why wouldn’t we want to experience this more often?

If you are involved with a not for profit organization, one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your organization is to become committed to learning all you can about best practices and innovative approaches to becoming a great organization. Learn more, become more, enjoy more.