Meet Your 2020 Leadership Conference Emcee Bill Fries

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“Leading courageously is about not being afraid to venture into the uncomfortable, take risks and make mistakes. It’s about learning from our failures and seeking advice and different points of view. Courageous leadership is taking action to move initiatives forward and encouraging your team to do the same.”

Bill Fries

Bill Fries answers the central question we’ll be exploring at the Nonprofit Leadership Center’s 2020 Nonprofit Leadership Conference on October 13: What does it mean to lead courageously? We’re pleased to announce that Bill will be the emcee for this year’s virtual event, helping guide you through an incredible line-up of speakers and sessions to lead courageously.

Bill Fries is the founder and CEO of Hiregy, a Tampa-based company that changes lives by connecting exceptional talent with top companies. Since 2004, Bill and his team have placed more than 10,000 people in jobs to enhance their lives and livelihoods.

“I’m excited to emcee the 10th Anniversary Leadership Conference because it gives me a chance to channel my inner Hugh Jackman, Ellen DeGeneres and Ricky Gervais! It’s an honor to be asked and I’m looking forward to being at the virtual podium for such an amazing program line-up.”

As a lifelong learner and self-help junkie, Bill joined the Nonprofit Leadership Center board of directors in 2009 because he loved how our work inspired local nonprofit leaders to strengthen their skills and organizations. 

“One of the best decisions I ever made for the health of my business and my leadership growth was to dedicate time and mental energy away from my business and into nonprofit service.  Every business leader and entrepreneur should volunteer and serve the nonprofit sector.”

In addition to his many contributions to NLC, Bill is particularly passionate about the development and support of nonprofit CEOs. He helped start NLC’s CEO Circle program in 2017, which brings together intimate groups of “CEOs helping CEOs” to challenge each other, problem-solve and discuss the most pressing issues facing nonprofits. Bill continues to host one of the active CEO Circles every month. 

Bill also proudly serves as a trustee for the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. 

Bill started his first company when he was just 11 years old and paid for his college education at the University of Central Florida working as many as four jobs at one time to attend debt-free. He started his professional career learning “The Disney Way” as a cast member, trainer and lead for Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. 

He attended Harvard Business School’s Governing for Nonprofit Excellence Program in 2015 and proudly earned the first Certificate in Nonprofit Board Governance from the Nonprofit Leadership Center.

Outside of the office, Bill loves studying jazz piano and spending time with his wife and two daughters.   

Join Bill to Lead Courageously on October 13

Leading courageously means pushing past our boundaries and self-limitations to reframe how we create impact and inspire the change we need and want to see in our communities. We’ll help you do just that at our virtual Nonprofit Leadership Conference.

Join Bill and hundreds of nonprofit leaders across the country for a half-day of intentional, interactive sessions on October 13 that will activate the seed of courage inside you. You’ll walk away with tools and knowledge to galvanize your spirit and team to lead courageously, now, and in the crucial months ahead. Just imagine what will change in you, around you and because of you when you lead with an attitude and actions that are courageous. Learn more and register now.

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