Major Gifts Gives You the Highest Fundraising ROI

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The 5 Articles series features articles covering subjects relevant to nonprofit success, leadership, marketing, human resources, communications, social media, finance and governance – articles we’d consider must reads. With so much out there to take in, we want to share five that we don’t think you should miss. Enjoy!

Today’s articles focus on major gifts. With the highest return on investment of all fundraising techniques, is your nonprofit paying enough attention to its major gifts program? 

Giving USA 2014 Annual Report on Philanthropy
Download the free Giving USA 2014 Report Highlights. The Giving USA 2014 report Highlights provides an overview of key 2013 data.

The Tortoise and The Hare: Aesop Had Major Gifts Officers In Mind by Yolanda Rahman
How can this children’s book help major gifts officers? Yolanda explains how it’s full of lessons.

Top 5 Reasons Why People Give by The NonProfit Times
The question that fundraisers have been trying to answer for years… why do people give?

5 Steps to Build a Major Gifts Program from the Ground Up by Gail Perry
Building a major gifts program isn’t easy, but done right it’s worth it. Also, check out this page full of great Gail Perry major gifts resources.

Five Steps for Winning Conversations With Donors by Cody Switzer
You have to make it personal with each donor. These tips will help you get ready for each conversation.

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