READ ME: The Right Subject Line Can Increase Year-End Giving

Sara Leonard News, Stories

Raise your hand if you’re not thinking about your year-end appeals. (Cue crickets chirping.) That’s what we thought.

Gail Perry, nationally recognized fundraiser—and the speaker at our “Fired-Up Fundraising”  Board Leadership Conference a couple of years ago—dedicated an entire blog post to year-end email appeals, specifically the importance of the subject lines of those appeals. We were really struck by what she had to say and wanted to share a portion of it with you here:

“Remember, as much as 10% of your ENTIRE ANNUAL giving will be coming in the last 3 days of the year. Better be ready!

What’s the first step to raising money online? Especially here during the last busy days of the year? It’s getting your email opened by your wonderful donor.

What makes an email get opened or not? It’s the subject line.

If your subject line is boring, you can pretty much kiss your well-crafted email good-bye.”

That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Gail then goes on to offer two great tips: be very thoughtful and deliberate in your word choice and consider using a symbol in your subject line.  

How much time and attention do you give to your e-solicitation subject lines? Sometimes it’s the last thing to be written, just before you hit send? Don’t worry; we’ve been guilty of that, too. But crafting strong subject lines is something we’ve decided to commit to in 2015—a business resolution, if you will, to put into practice the best practices we’ve learned about all year but not acted on consistently.

So we’re studying the example subject lines Gail gives in her blog post as well as the helpful resources links that offer additional food for thought.

What business resolutions are you making this year?