Update Your GPS: NLC is Moving!

Jen Dodd, Director of Education & Communications News, Stories

Team NLC is thrilled to announce an exciting change–of address!

As of April 1, 2018, the brand-new NLC HQ will be operational, and we can’t wait to host you for classes, round tables, custom training sessions, and more at our new location: 1408 N. West Shore Blvd., Ste. 140, Tampa FL 33607.

The photos you see here were taken just after the final walls were put up and on the day we visited to make final wall color, flooring, and furniture configuration decisions.

The first photo is Team NLC is our new Training Room.

The two above are our new front door and your view from our front entry; that’s the Training room on the right, reception on the left, and the hallway leading back to our communal innovation space and our offices.

Of course we chose NLC logo colors for the wall paint! Here we are in front of our energetic orange, the same color you see in the L in our logo and the backdrop to our work area near the back of the Center and in front of our offices. This is where we produce materials for classes, Conferences, custom engagements, funding proposals and so much more! We can’t wait for you to see where our brand teal and gold colors end up!

Nope; that address above is not a typo and you’re not reading it wrong: We’re moving directly across the street!

Why? Well, there are 3 great reasons:

Plan Your Work, Work Your (Strategic) Plan: Building Our Own Capacity

In 2015, NLC staff and board adopted a 3-year (2016-2018) Strategic Plan with 4 goals:

1. To engage more deeply with nonprofits in Tampa Bay through high-quality and innovative learning experiences
2. To ensure that the NLC has the capacity to deliver and manage high-quality programs
3.  To ensure that the NLC has the financial resources necessary to support priority growth areas
4. To position the NLC brand to be broadly recognized as the premier resource for quality and innovative knowledge-based solutions for the nonprofit community of Tampa Bay.

The move to our new HQ  represents a significant investment in our own capacity: A larger training center (below, just after the walls were raised) with new, state-of-the art technology supports the goals above and our mission of “developing and connecting nonprofit leaders to strengthen organizations and our community.”

NLC HQ also affords us more office space and accommodates our staff growth as a Fellow in Fund Development and Education & Data Manager join our team. Side note: several members of the team are also pretty darn excited about the variable desks we’re adopting in the new space (sitting is the new smoking, right?). We’re excited to have the flexibility to work sitting or standing as our tasks and personal inclinations determine.

Location, Location, Location: Maintaining Our Accessibility

We are very proud of and deeply committed to maintaining our accessibility to the individuals and organizations we serve–in both pricing and geography. We made a conscious (and more expensive) choice to stay in the Westshore area precisely because it is very close to I-275 and other major thoroughfares and therefore accessible to our 5-county service area

It’s What We Do: Developing & Connecting (& Innovating)

The new GTE Financial Training Room will not only accommodate additional attendees but is also easier to configure for various types of meetings and events, and our new technology will enhance learning, participation, and innovation.

We’re also excited about the communal innovation/working area designed into our expanded kitchen (below, in its raw state; we cannot wait for you to see the colors, finishes, and furnishings in here!). Not only will Team NLC use this space for our own (internal and external) meetings, but we also envision our students, guests, and stakeholders gathering there to spark their own innovations and collaborations.

In short, our move to the new NLC HQ at 1408 N. West Shore Blvd., Ste. 140, might not be a big one geographically speaking, but it is a significant move in terms of making it possible for us to deliver more and better services to our nonprofit leaders and organizations and the for-profit professionals and brands who support the sector.

Keep an eye out for our Open House events; we’d love to give you the tour very soon!