Volunteer Florida Grant Funding: $360,000 in Funding Available for Florida Nonprofits

Lorraine Faithful News

Volunteer Florida (VF) Announces $360,000 in Funding Available for Florida Nonprofits

“Volunteer Florida’s VGF program helps organizations to more effectively recruit, manage, support and retain skills-based volunteers. Skills-based volunteering is a strategic type of volunteerism that expands the impact of community organizations by engaging professionals from all industries, matching their experience, talents and education with the needs of nonprofits.

“VGF is open to public or private nonprofit organizations, including faith based and other community organizations; institutions of higher education; government entities within states or territories; labor organizations; partnerships and consortia; or Indian Tribes. The FY 2017-2018 VGF program is intended to build capacity that will result in sustainable skills-based volunteer programs. As such, organizations receiving VGF program funds for three (3) years are not eligible for FY 2018-2019 VGF funding.”

Questions? E-mail vgf@volunteerflorida.org