Walking The Life Balance Beam

Tyler Hood News, Stories

How often do we use the phrase “I don’t have the time”? Do you say it a couple times a week, maybe even every day? Our time is precious and limited and therefore should be taken advantage of. But how can we best balance our time? It is often difficult to juggle all of our responsibilities.

Simple domain goal setting can lead to greater production and happiness in a person’s life. What do I mean by domain? Typically we have several domains in our lives that if balanced correctly can positively benefit the others. Usually these include areas such as family/friends, work/school, social/community, and spirituality. Whatever yours may be, write them down and identify how they may connect. Try to limit your number of domains to no more than 5 or 6. Next, prepare short and long term goals for each domain. Setting 30 day goals and 6 month goals for each domain is a good way to start. The idea is devote time and set goals for each which will lead to greater balance in one’s life. Be sure to set high goals but not necessarily unreachable goals. You want to set a framework for success.

Once you have set goals next you need to establish a way of measuring each goal. Prepare a measurement for each goal that you set. For instance one of my goals in my family domain was to Skype with my younger brother more often. My measure for this goal was to Skype with him once a month for one hour. This way I can keep track of my progress or lack therof. Often times it is not the actual goal setting or measuring that is difficult for people to do; it is the documenting of the two. Make sure you write down your domains, goals (both short and long term) and your measurements. Keep your records together and refer to them regularly. If you are a techy person like I am, there is a great new app that helps with goal tracking. 43 Things is a free app for iPhone users to utilize in tracking personal goals. The cool thing about 43 Things is it allows its users to connect their goals with friends and contacts through social networking. This adds a separate motivation factor that allows others to comment when you reach your goals.

Ideally making progress in one domain will directly lead to progress in another. Achieving perfect balance is near impossible. The idea is not to achieve perfection but to make progress, grow, and further intertwine the important areas of one’s life. Take baby steps and be patient. Remember it takes time, and often how we reach our goals is just as important as actually reaching them