We LOVE learning!

Jen Dodd, Director of Education & Communications News, Stories

NLC is not only a place where nonprofit leaders and board members come for training and development; we’re a living, breathing learning culture. So you can imagine our excitement when Charles Imbergamo, President & CEO of Cristo Rey Tampa High School, approached us about the opportunity to take on two Corporate Work Study Program students.

Okay, we did have to weigh the program needs and guidelines: there’s a serious time commitment to deliver the coaching, mentoring, and supervision that any team member requires (and deserves), and Cristo Rey students are expected to engage in real-life, entry-level work production, to learn valuable and applicable business skills. They’re not here to count paper clips or reorganize the supply closet. Could we do it? Should we do it?

Once we discussed it as a team, outlining how the students could contribute in meaningful ways and what kinds of learning experiences and development we could provide, we were thrilled to sign up!

Cristo Rey made the revelation of our student team members a lot of fun, too–inviting us to Draft Day, where we learned we’d be working with Taghiyana Wells and Alexis Maldonando!

Taghi (above, left) is a second year CWSP student, and this is Alexis’ (above, right) first year in the program. They actually joined us in early September so they’ve been working with us for bit, but we couldn’t resist introducing them to you. We did a quick Q&A with Taghi and Alexis to give you a sense of what they do here, in their own words, and what they’re like outside of school and work. (And we think they have wisdom beyond their years!


When I am at NLC:

Taghi: I use a warm smile to great every person that walks in and out of our doors. The Nonprofit Leadership Center teaches me day to day business skill priorities.

Alexis:  I’m an intern student learning business skills. You can find me at the front desk greeting clients with a smile and answering any questions. Also, you can hear my voice answering any phone calls.

When I am not at work or school:

Taghi: I sit back and take in my nature surroundings; enjoying the quietness of the outdoors. I also enjoy being with my friends and listening to music as I paint.

Alexis:  you can find me playing basketball or soccer. I like to hangout with family skateboarding around Downtown Tampa. Also, you can find me riding dirt bikes or four-wheelers on the tracks.

My mantra is:

Taghi: Never compare myself to others, so I won’t suffer the loss of my joy.

Alexis:  You only have one life so make it count!


My dream job is:

Taghi: I am going to have my own business in teaching art to all ages. In better words, having my own art studio. Teaching art really interests me because I do it myself. I just love seeing people’s reactions towards art, and I myself want to help recreate that same feeling. A way to accomplish this would be to continue learning all the different styles of art so I’m eligible to teach others. As well as helping them strengthen themselves artistically.

Alexis: I hope to be a Civil Engineer. I’m attracted to this job because I always thought it was cool and interesting to make buildings and design them. Also, I’m good at math. It’s a career that has two things that I’m interested in, construction and math. Qualifications I would need are a bachelor’s degree in engineering or Technology. An optional master degree would help me get a specific job such as a Bridge Master.