Welcome to our New Website

Grace Armstrong News

One of our core values at the Nonprofit Leadership Center is to delight our customers. We have been promoting the changes to our website so much in the last few weeks because we think it will make your relationship with us much easier for you. And we hope that, in the long run, that delights you.

Once you enter your profile information one time, it will be there in the future when you register for a program. You will no longer have to enter your information over and over. We will also keep track of all the programs you attend and you can access your attended classes at any time.

In the near future, we will add a Job Bank. If you have a nonprofit job opening you will be able to post it for an affordable fee. If you are looking for a job in the nonprofit sector, you will be able to look for openings in our Job Bank. There have been many requests for this resource and we are look forward to providing it to the community.

Keep checking back with us for new features we will be adding over the next several weeks.

We appreciate your time in visiting our website, reading our blogs, using our resources, and attending our training. We hope we delight you as we are always interested in doing our best on your behalf.