Resources | Evaluation & Outcomes

A Basic Guide to Program Evaluation | Carter McNamara


Achieving Breakthrough Performance | Mark Gottfredson, Steve Schaubert & Elisabeth Babcock


Benchmarking: How Nonprofits are Adapting a Business Planning Tool for Enhanced Performance | Christine W. Letts, William P. Ryan & Allen Grossman


Can Your Nonprofit Survive? A Quick Test | Karen Eber Davis, Karen Eber Davis Consulting


Evaluation of Outcomes | National Council of Nonprofits


Evaluation Strategies for Communicating and Reporting: Enhancing Learning in Organizations | Rosalie T. Torres (Book)


Evaluation Blues: How Accountability Requirements Hurt Small, Innovative Programs the Most | Laura Silverstein and Erin J. Maher, Stanford Social Innovation Review


Evaluation Process | Patrick M. Rooney, The NonProfit Times


How Are We Doing? A 1-Hour Guide to Evaluating Your Performance as a Nonprofit Board | Gayle L. Gifford (Book)


Measuring Performance in Public and Nonprofit Organizations | Theodore H. Poister (Book)


Nine Reasons World-Class Programs are Musts | Karen Eber Davis, Karen Eber Davis Consulting


Sample Board Effectiveness Questionnaire | Nonprofit Governance and Management, Third Edition


Sample Board Effectiveness Self-Evaluation | Nonprofit Governance and Management, Third Edition


Tax Exempt World | Tax Exempt & Nonprofit Organization Information Center


Trying Hard is Not Good Enough | Mark Friedman (Book)