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5 Great Fundraising Videos | Sumac Research

50 Fundraising Ideas |

199 Fun and Effective Fundraising Events for Nonprofit Organizations | Justina Walford (Book)

3 Steps to Creating a Killer Social Media Campaign! | Sumac Research

6 Ways to Thank Your Donors | Sumac Research

A Dozen Positive Responses to a Grant No | Karen Eber Davis, Karen Eber Davis Consulting

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Donations: How Pictures Cause Donors to Act | Sumac Research

Achieving Excellence in Fundraising | Eugene R. Tempel, Timothy L. Seiler , Eva E. Aldrich (Book)

Answering the Dreaded Future Funding Grant Question | Karen Eber Davis, Karen Eber Davis Consulting

Asking for the Money is the Job of the Leadership and Friends of a Nonprofit Organization |

Asking Properly George Smith (Book)

Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP) |

Bad Nonprofit Ads: How Ad Agencies Fail the Nonprofit Sector Sumac Research

Basics in Developing Your Fundraising Plan | Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD, Authenticity Consulting, LLC

Beyond Fundraising – New Strategies for Nonprofit Innovation and Investment | Kay Sprinkel Grace (Book)

Boosting Donor Retention Yields Big Returns | Sumac Research

Breakthrough Thinking Bernard Ross and Clare Segal (Book)

Can Software Really Help You Raise More Money? Sumac Research

Check Out Your Organization’s Fundraising Readiness | Tony Poderis,

Choosing Fundraising Software: 7 Things to Consider and a Whack of Great Resources| Sumac Research

Creative Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofit Organizations |

Creative Ways to Grow Your Mailing List With No Money! | Sumac Research

Crowdsourced Fundraising: Empowering the Multitudes and Raising Big Bucks For Charity!| Sumac Research

Does Becoming More “Business-like” Mean Selling Your Nonprofit’s Soul? |Sumac Research

Donation Premiums: Do They Work? | Sumac Research

Donor Bill of Rights | Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)

Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits | Ilona Bray, J.D. (Book)

Ethics In Fundraising | National Council of Nonprofits

e-Tapestry Fundraising Software

Exhibit & Document Library |

Five Online Fundraising Myths | Sage Fundraising Online

Five Steps for Winning Conversations With Donors | Cody Switzer

Foundation & Corporate Giving | The Grantsmanship Center Magazine

Fundraising Event Ideas |

Fund Raising: Evaluating and Managing the Fund Development Process | James Greenfield (Book)
General Overview of Grant Writing for Nonprofits Sumac Research

Getting Current Information to Shape Your Grant Application | Karen Eber Davis, Karen Eber Davis Consulting

Grant Opportunities: Florida Grants

Grant Opportunities: List of Foundations

Grant Opportunities: Grants.Gov

Grant Professionals Association (GPA) Code of Ethics | Grant Professionals Association

Grant Tracking Chart |Karen Eber Davis, Karen Eber Davis Consulting

Grant Opportunities sent to your inbox |

Grassroots Grants: An Activist’s Guide to Grantseeking |  Andy Robinson (Book)

Hillsborough County (Florida) Public Library on Grants & Fundraising |

How Can You Tell If Your Organization is Ready to Apply for a Grant? | Karen Eber Davis, Karen Eber Davis Consulting

How Much? Setting a Grant Request Size | Karen Eber Davis, Karen Eber Davis Consulting

How to Construct a Gift Chart & Use it to Secure Major Gifts | Sumac Research

How to Prepare for Last Minute Grant Opportunities | Karen Eber Davis, Karen Eber Davis Consulting

How to Produce Fabulous Fundraising Events | Betty Stallings (Book)

How to Produce Inspiring Annual Reports | Ken Burnett  (Book)

How to Say It: Grantwriting: Write Proposals That Grantmakers Want to Fund | Deborah Koch (Book)

How to Write an Effective Business Plan | Value Stock Guide

How to Write Successful Fundraising Letters | Mal Warwick (Book)

How To Write the Perfect Fundraising Letter | Sumac Research

Key Steps For Strategic Grant Writing | Cindy Kane

Laws that Regulate Fundraising | National Council of Nonprofits

Major Gifts: A Guide to Getting in Front of Donors and Making the Ask | Sumac Research

Making a Scene: The Recipe for a Great Fundraisng Letter | Sumac Research

Mega Gifts: 2nd Edition | Jerold Panas (Book)

Phases of a Capital Campaign | Sumac Research

Positioning Grant Writers for Success |

Proposal Planning & Writing | Jeremy T. Miner and Lynn E. Miner (Book)

Prospect Development From a Female Perspective | Prospect Research Institute

Prospect Research Perspectives Magazine on Social Media | Prospect Research Institute

Raising Thousands (if Not Tens of Thousands) of Dollars with Email | Madeline Stanionis (Book)

Relationship Fundraising: A Donor Based Approach to the Business of Raising Money | Ken Burnett (Book)

Research Shows New Dos and Don’ts of Fundraising | Sumac Research

Sample Grant Management Form | Karen Eber Davis, Karen Eber Davis Consulting

Sample Letter of Intent | Karen Eber Davis, Karen Eber Davis Consulting

Search Tips 4Fundraising | Prospect Research Institute

Seven Lessons to Increase Fundraising Success | Karen Eber Davis, Karen Eber Davis Consulting

Seven Ways to Strengthen Your Donor Base | Sue Croudace, Springboard Marketing and Communications

Special Events 101 for Nonprofit Fundraising |

Ten Common & Avoidable Grant Project Budget Errors | Karen Eber Davis, Karen Eber Davis Consulting

Ten Fresh Fundraising Ideas | Sumac Research

The Argument Against Paying Development Professionals Based on Amount of Funds Raised | Tony Poderis

The Ask: How to Ask for Support for Your Nonprofit Cause, Creative Project, or Business Venture | Laura Fredricks (Book)

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Meeting & Event Planning, 2nd Edition | Robin E. Craven (Book)

The Cost of High Turnover in Fundraising Jobs | Raymund Flandez, The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Devil’s in the Data! When Should You Get an Audit | Guest Post by Darrel C. Spacone, Donor-Data-Done, LLC

The Do’s and Don’ts of Silent Auctions |  Greater

The Essential Nonprofit Fundraising Handbook | Michael A. Sand (Book)

The Event Marketing Handbook: Beyond Logistics and Planning | Allison Saget (Book)

The Gift Recognition  Chart | Karen Eber Davis, Karen Eber Davis Consulting

The National Council of Nonprofits

The Network for Good Learning Center 

The Only Grant-Writing Book You’ll Ever Need: Top Grant Writers and Grant Givers Share Their Secrets | Ellen Karsh, Arlen Sue Fox (Book)

The Standards for Excellence – An Ethics & Accountability Program for the Nonprofit Sector| 1997-2013 Standards for Excellence Institute

The Ultimate List of Fundraising Ideas

The Zen of Fundraising: 89 Timeless Ideas to Strengthen and Develop Your Donor Relationships | Ken Burnett (Book)

They Loved You Once, They Can Love You Again: How to Win Back Lapsed Donors | Sumac Research

Tiny Essentials of Fundraising | Neil Sloggie (Book)

Twenty Ways to Enhance Relationships with New Grant Donors | Karen Eber Davis, Karen Eber Davis Consulting

Weighing Your Options for Processing Donations Online | Sumac Research

What Funders Want to Know About You | Karen Eber Davis, Karen Eber Davis Consulting

Why Every Nonprofit Needs a Monthly Giving Program | Sumac Research

Writing a Case for Support that Inspires! | Sumac Research

Your Best Grant Sources | Karen Eber Davis, Karen Eber Davis Consulting

Your Grant’s Background Section: 15 Points to Include | Karen Eber Davis, Karen Eber Davis Consulting