COVID-19 Resources for Nonprofits

As nonprofits continue to operate in a new environment that’s anything but normal, we’ve prepared this digital hub for nonprofit leaders to help you and your organization easily access information and resources to respond to COVID-19. Our community needs nonprofits now, more than ever.

This comprehensive resource page provides support in each of the following sections:

  • Business strategy and HR support
  • Communicating during a crisis
  • Fundraising in uncertain times
  • Working remotely and managing virtual teams
  • Tampa Bay-specific resources
  • Maintaining physical and mental wellness
  • Parenting through the coronavirus
  • Upcoming and recorded events
  • Government and agency COVID-19 resources
  • Nonprofit response and resource pages

Free Webinars from NLC Experts to Keep Your Nonprofit Strong During and After COVID-19

Navigating the Return to Work: Readiness and Recovery

Navigating the CARES Act

Business Strategy & HR Support

Communicating During a Crisis

Fundraising and Fund Development in Uncertain Times

Tips for Working Remotely & Leading Virtual Teams

Tampa Bay Resources

Maintaining Physical & Mental Wellness

Parenting During the Coronavirus

Government Agency Websites Dedicated to COVID-19

Additional COVID-19 Nonprofit Response & Resource Pages

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