3 Reasons to Use our Online Training Options in 2018

Jen Dodd, Director of Education & Communications Stories

We’re a few days into the New Year, and I’ve been thinking a lot about the image above.

I’ve been assessing the “ways” I used in 2017 that might not open the doors I’d like to in 2018. Personally, I’d like to make sure my “way” helps me work smarter, not harder. I don’t have all of that figured out just yet, but one new way I can absolutely recommend to you to open some new doors along your own career path this year is to take advantage of our online training offerings.

Did you even know that NLC offers online training? Yep, we do. We have for several years now–ever since we found a trusted partner in the Winchester Center for Management Development, a developer and producer of the type of high-quality educational content we demand for our hardworking nonprofit leaders.

So, as promised in the title to this post, here are 3 reasons to add a few of our online training sessions to your professional development plans this year:

  1. Variety is the spice of life–and the mark of a lifelong learner. Keep your brain nimble and your skill set highly marketable by branching out beyond your daily responsibilities and try something new. We have classes on subjects ranging from Communications, HR, and Finance to Innovation and Entrepreneurship–even Project and Sustainability Management. Take one course or complete the entire certificate curriculum; it’s your choice! And all of the programs offer CEUs to help you earn or maintain professional credentials.
  2. Time waits for no one–but our online training is available on-demand, that is, when it fits your schedule. Can’t make our Introduction to Nonprofit Financial Management class on February 27th? You can still learn one aspect of what we cover in that in-person class through How to Read a Nonprofit Financial Statement online. Once you register for the online course of your choice, you set the pace. An hour here and there in the evenings or a more leisurely Saturday morning–class is in session when you decide it is.
  3.  Quality is key–and our online courses deliver. You’ll receive the same high-quality instruction and dedicated customer support you expect from Team NLC.

Whichever of these reasons resonates with you the most, we applaud you for devoting time and effort to yourself and your career development in 2018 through our in-person and online training options. Reach out and let us know how we can help!