5 Must-Have Social Media Tools for #GiveDayTampaBay

NLC trainer Louanne Saraga Walters Stories

Give Day Tampa Bay (aka May 3, 2016) is exciting and fun and…BUSY! To help you plan and execute a successful 24-hour online giving campaign, check out these five social media tools. You may find you’ll want to use them year-round!! (Click on the tool name to visit the website.)


I’ve long been a Hootsuite fan to schedule post to multiple social media accounts, but for free access, Buffer is becoming a top choice. It took me less than three minutes to create an account and set up my Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ profiles for free. If you manage multiple Facebook pages or a Pinterest profile, you can upgrade to Awesome (the plan’s name) at 50% off for Nonprofits – or $5/month.

In addition to being nonprofit friendly, Buffer offers cool features like running a scan to see the optimal times to post to your different social media platforms; tracks how many people click on links within your tweets and posts; and has a handy extension you can add to your browser to easily “Bufferize” a page and share it with your social media networks.

(Blog administrator’s note: NLC uses Buffer, too, as you can see below. We agree that it’s easy to set up and use for scheduling across multiple accounts and pages. The Power Scheduler can sometimes freeze—resulting in lost time/work—but we still give it 2 thumbs up.)



If having an assistant dedicated to pulling social media content specific to your cause sounds good to you, you’re going to LOVE Feedly. You can stay on top of key issue trends, hashtags, posts, and much more with this very versatile tool, and it’s fabulous for curating content!

I set up a search for #nonprofit and found more than a dozen great social media sites to follow for news in the nonprofit sector.

What issues does your nonprofit cover? Homelessness? Hunger? Environmental concerns? Tell Feedly what you’re interested in, and it will “automagically” find the most relevant posts for you. That’s heaven when you need quality content! Feedly also integrates with Buffer.



This app is both a tool and a toy. I could play for hours creating awesome graphics to share to my social media sites! Using a technique the app calls “Remixing,” you can easily grab a photo/graphic from thousands of choices, change the color, text layout, size, etc. and create fabulous, eye-catching posts.

This app is perfect for those written testimonials or must-be-tweeted quotes you’ll hear at 3am during Give Day! You can upload photos from your phone, select from thousands within the app, or use your camera to take a new photo. The color palette, fonts, and size can all be changed to fit your remix. Post to any social media site that you have as an app on your phone, directly from within Adobe Post.

You may want to set a timer for this one, though. You might get sucked in just like I did! (Enjoy the photo of our new rescue pup, Reno!)



If you want to jazz up your posts with visually stimulating graphics, this free download from HubSpot can go a long, long way.

30 square and 30 rectangular backgrounds come in a variety of color combinations. The fact that these are based in PowerPoint means the learning curve is shallow and you don’t have to be a Photoshop expert.



Chances are, your nonprofit will see a spike in Facebook and Instagram posts – all in favor of your organization – in the days leading up to and during the Give Day Tampa Bay 24-hour cycle. So don’t let that go to waste!

My Social Book is a fun and affordable way to capture those posts in a colorful book. Prices start at just $14.90 for 25 pages. Imagine your Executive Director or Development Director being able to take this book with them on donor meetings, your Board members being able to talk about your Give Day success, success stories about clients, and how awesome your volunteers are!


Plan now to capture the moment and stretch the energy that fuels the 24 hours of Give Day Tampa Bay!

Don’t forget that participating nonprofits registered with the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay are eligible to receive free GDTB training from the Nonprofit Leadership Center! Register your nonprofit today!

Guest blogger Louanne has developed 3 webinars and an in-person class to help you create a complete, ready to execute social media plan for Give Day Tampa Bay. The webinars are available on-demand—anytime any member of your team wants them. Be sure to complete the webinars and homework before the in-person class with Louanne on April 6th to get the most from this time of peer exchange and expert review.

**2016 GDTB training generously underwritten by  
Community Foundation of Tampa Bay**

Louanne Saraga Walters is co-founder of My Video Voice Productions, a video production company specializing in helping nonprofits tell their stories. She and her wife, Sharon, co-founded The Philanthropy Show, an internet talk show, as a way to connect and inspire philanthropy around the world by educating, uplifting, and empowering the nonprofit sector and its supporters.