ALL. THE. TWEETS from 2018 Leadership Conference (sorta)

Jen Dodd, Director of Education & Communications News, Stories

Only 8 days ago nearly 700 Tampa Bay professionals joined us at the 2018 Leadership Conference with Dr. Tasha Eurich–and we’re still hearing from our guests and participants how much they enjoyed our theme of Agility: Meta-Skills for a Changing Workforce and how much they took away from the day!

If you’re wondering what you missed (lots!!), just peruse this sampling of the live tweets from the day.  (Huge thanks to our dedicated team of social media ambassadors who helped kick things off and showed others how to join the online conversation!)

Our attendees moved from anticipation of the event…


…to excitement about the breakouts and facilitators.

We were thrilled to see so many teams in attendance.


And so proud of the professionals who maximized their networking opportunities.

Our breakout facilitators knocked it out of the park–as you can see from the stream of takeaways attendees shared!

Our CEO Emily kicked off the keynote luncheon and shared insights–including bright spots and challenges–from our recently completed scan of the Pinellas County nonprofit sector. It was clear that the audience wanted more, and you can bet we’re going to deliver. So keep an eye on this page for a series of blog posts detailing what we did and what we learned.

And then our keynote speaker, Dr. Tasha Eurich, took the stage–and our attendees set the interwebs on fire with their live tweets. We picked a mere handful to share here, but you can see our guests were wowed–and inspired.

And this tweet pretty much says it all:



To see even more messages and takeaways, search our hashtags of the day on your favorite channels: #2018NLCTB, #metaskills, #TimeWellSpent.

And we hope you’ll join us for the additional meta-skills classes in our Training Center on Westshore Blvd over the summer and into the early Fall.