Up Close & Personal with our 2018 Leadership Conference Keynote Speaker

Jen Dodd, Director of Education & Communications News, Stories

It’s been a couple of weeks since we announced Dr. Tasha Eurich as our 2018 Leadership Conference keynote speaker, so we figured the time was ripe to share a few more details.

We already shared that she’s an organizational psychologist and researcher. And, oh yeah, a best-selling author.

But here are 3 things you might not already know:

Like the fact that Tasha is an avid blogger:

Oh, and she’s done a couple of (not just one!) TEDxTalks (Go ahead; watch ’em both. We’ll wait.):

She also has a YouTube channel!

And here a couple of bonus points about Tasha, just to set your expectations that while this will be and impactful AND enjoyable experience:

1. Tasha has a fresh, modern, and fun take on leadership. People use words like “enthusiastic,” “sharp,” and “pithy” to describe her style.
2. Her approach is geared towards busy professionals who don’t have time to pontificate. Instead, she gives leaders tools and helps them implement them.

In fact the entire day will be about tools you can use–hence our theme, “Agility: Meta-Skills for a Changing Workforce”–each of the 6 breakouts will focus on an individual meta-skill to help you develop tomorrow’s skills for today!

If that’s not a day of personal and professional development worth experiencing, we don’t know what is.

Registration is now open, and early bird pricing is in effect for individual tickets. Remember, there are a limited quantity of individual tickets, so why not just go ahead and reserve your table now?