Creating Your Plan for Give Day Tampa Bay 2016

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As I created the content for the Give Day Tampa Bay training resources on strategy and planning, a few sayings came to mind:


We’ve heard them before—and probably believe them on some level—but because we are so busy, we often don’t act on them.

I’m writing to warn you: don’t skip the planning for Give Day Tampa Bay.

Here are 6 steps to get your plan together:

  1. Make time to plan. For this event, you don’t need to set aside a full day for a planning session. Just block off two hours on your calendar to create your plan. Do what it takes to minimize the distractions. Close the door or even leave the office, if that helps.
  2. Use a simple format. This is not a long-term strategic plan for the future of your organization. This is a plan for a 24-hour giving event. Don’t overdo it. I recommend a simple format that spells out “Who will do what by when.” (One of my strategy webinars will walk you through this—and provide a handy template that we’ll refine in the in-person class on March 11th. So be sure to register for the webinars and my class as soon as you receive the Training Page link form the Community Foundation.)
  3. Ask for help. You should be recruiting others to help execute your Give Day plan so be sure to include them in the making of your plan. (Both the social media and volunteer webinars and class can help you with this!) Ask a few people to help you think through your ideas. You’ll be amazed at the value of the creative process.
  4. Gather the resources you’ll need. You are not in this alone. There are valuable resources available to you from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay and Give Local America. And don’t forget about the handy templates and resources you’ll receive by taking advantage of the Give Day Tampa Bay training from the NLC. (It’s worth repeating: be sure to register for the webinars and classes as soon as you receive the Training Page link from the Community Foundation.)
  5. Remember that one size does not fit all. Your nonprofit is unique, so your plan will be unique. Be sure you aren’t duplicating someone else’s effort and calling that your plan. Your plan should account for the unique and wonderful personality of your organization.
  6. Write and share. If your plan is all in your head (and I know you’ve done that because I have, too), it won’t actually do you any good. Take a few minutes to write it down. Then share it widely with everyone who should be involved in executing the plan. Be open to their feedback and make adjustments as necessary.

Give Day Tampa Bay is a wonderful opportunity for your organization to be a part of something momentous. But don’t expect success without effort. Take some time now to create a plan for your organization’s efforts to raise funds on May 3, 2016.

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Sara Leonard, MBA, CFRE, is a fundraising and board governance consultant. She created the Fund Development Academy at the Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay, where she is still an instructor.

Her firm, the Sara Leonard Group, delivers excellent professional guidance, education and facilitation to those responsible for fund development – fundraising professionals, CEOs, CFOs, board members, and other nonprofit staff.