Jump Start Your Volunteer Engagement Efforts with Give Day Tampa Bay 2016

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The nonprofit sector runs on the power of volunteerism. The power of volunteerism depends on the level of volunteer engagement. And the power of volunteer engagement is driven by personal motivation.

Do you know what motivates your volunteers? When was the last time you asked them?

Give Day Tampa Bay 2016 is coming…. And it’s the perfect opportunity to revisit (or start!) this conversation with your volunteers.

Here are three reasons you should consider participating in Give Day Tampa Bay (GDTB) as part of your year-round volunteer engagement strategy:

GDTB gives you a reason to strategically assess your volunteer base. So many of us get bogged down into the day-to-day details and operations of our mission work. Chances are our volunteers are a crucial part of this work, but many of us aren’t thinking about how else we can engage our volunteers… and perhaps more importantly, how they want to be engaged with us. GDTB empowers us with some very specific questions to ask: what can we do to promote this event, and how do you want to help?

GDTB can create a sense of urgency and rally their support. Giving events are, YES, a great way to raise awareness and funds for your nonprofit’s mission work. But they also provide you with a unique opportunity–a tangible, extraordinary effort to mobilize and empower your volunteer base…. And to recruit others to your mission! They provide you with a specific day/campaign/event to ask for insight and assistance from those who know you best and have the greatest interest in seeing your mission succeed. They also allow you to spread the word about your agency to your supporters’ spheres of influence: Chances are these “friends of friends” might have a personal connection to your mission; they just might not have “met” your agency yet. GDTB is your chance for a quick introduction with tangible results!

GDTB allows you to celebrate your success together. Whether this is your first GDTB campaign or your third year of success, everyone has the opportunity to celebrate your giving success. That’s the great part about making goals; it gives you something to strive for, and if you don’t hit those goals, it gives you a reason to evaluate why not and strive for the next time. Give Day Tampa Bay gives you a common effort to help meet your mission, and—equally as important—it gives you a chance to share your mission and your efforts to achieve it with the masses.

Give Day Tampa Bay 2016 is an agency-wide effort, to be sure. Its success requires that all levels of stakeholders are involved. Start the conversation with your volunteers today… and see where the Give Day ahead takes you!

Don’t forget that participating nonprofits registered with the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay are eligible to receive free GDTB training from the Nonprofit Leadership Center! Register your nonprofit today!

**FREE GDTB training generously underwritten by the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay**

NLC trainer Liz Wooten Reschke has served in a variety of capacities including volunteer, staff, board member and consultant for a number of nonprofit agencies in the Tampa Bay and Key West communities, state of Florida, and the United States. As President of Connectivity Community Consulting, she works collaboratively with clients to create strategic solutions that address a variety of areas including: nonprofit capacity and community building, organizational development, philanthropic advising, training & workshop facilitation, and coaching & mentoring.