Photo of Demmeri Gallon next to her quote: "Board service is not about what you can do financially; it's where you can actively contribute your time and efforts toward a mission that aligns with your passions."

Fellowship Graduate Demmeri Gallon Shares Her Journey to Nonprofit Board Service

Team NLC Stories

Although diverse boards are crucial for nonprofit organizations to be effective, nearly 1 in 3 nonprofits lack any professionals of color on their boards (BoardSource). In 2021, the Nonprofit Leadership Center launched the Advancing Racial Equity on Nonprofit Boards Fellowship to prepare professionals of color to serve on boards and equip nonprofits to foster more inclusive and equitable organizations. Demmeri …

Photo of Paula Dang with the quote: "Growing up, I wished there were more people who looked like me. Now, I can be that representation."

Being the Change I Wish to See: Nonprofit Board Governance Through a New Lens

Paula Dang, Metropolitan Ministries Stories

I’ve always been passionate about being a voice for individuals and communities that need support. Life was challenging for me growing up as a Vietnamese and Asian American woman because I felt like I had to conform to societal and cultural norms. In middle school, I decided to lean into who I was. I honed in on my communication and …