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Nonprofit Board Assessments: How to Evaluate Nonprofit Board Members

Nancy Ridenour, NLC Board Chair Tips

How do you know if a nonprofit board is carrying out its duties successfully? Nonprofit board assessments are essential to measure board effectiveness and ensure board members govern the organization appropriately. What is a board evaluation? A board evaluation is a process for assessing a nonprofit board’s performance and the extent to which its members fulfill their roles and responsibilities. …

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Taking the Mystery Out of Nonprofit CEO Evaluations: How to Measure CEO Performance  

Emily H. Benham, FAHP, CFRE | CEO, NLC Tips

After years of training board members on how to lead and govern nonprofit organizations, one question consistently comes up in every session I teach: What’s the best way to support a nonprofit CEO and ensure strong executive leadership for the future? While there are many components to effective CEO support, one of the most crucial is nonprofit CEO evaluation.  According …

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Conduct More Effective Nonprofit CEO Reviews with This Sample CEO Evaluation Form

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One of the most important roles of nonprofit boards is overseeing and evaluating the CEO or executive director. But where do you begin this critical and challenging task? The Nonprofit Leadership Center’s sample CEO evaluation form is a helpful place to start the process. Our sample CEO performance evaluation template consists of five sections: 1) organizational performance, 2) community relations, …

How to recruit nonprofit board members

How to Recruit Nonprofit Board Members

Emily h. Benham, CFRE, FAHP | CEO, NLC Tips

The Nonprofit Leadership Center recently asked our community of nonprofit leaders to share the most significant challenges they face related to board governance. How to recruit nonprofit board members is a resounding pain point we hear. As someone who has the great pleasure and privilege of working with nonprofit board members and CEOs to navigate the often turbulent waters of …

New Resources to Respond to Nonprofit Needs

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In an ongoing effort to help nonprofits overcome challenges caused by the COVID-19 crisis, we recently asked nonprofit leaders about their current mindset and most pressing needs. Nearly 100 nonprofit leaders responded to our online survey fielded between May 12 and 19, 2020. The outcome was clear: Nonprofit leaders are looking for supportive and innovative ways to overcome personal anxiety …

How to Host Successful Online Board Meetings

Alyce Lee Stansbury, CFRE Tips

Although the coronavirus pandemic currently prevents us from connecting in person, team collaboration has never been more important, especially for nonprofits. Bringing leaders together virtually is critical as nonprofits navigate important business decisions, a new fundraising environment and the safety of employees and constituents. Here are seven tips for hosting effective online board meetings for nonprofits as you continue to …

NEW 2019 Nonprofit Leadership Classes in Pinellas County

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We recently asked nonprofit leaders across Tampa Bay to tell us how the Nonprofit Leadership Center can better support and strengthen their work. The answer was clear: Offer more classes in Pinellas County. “I’d like to see NLC take some of their courses into the community and do more in Pinellas.” You shared your feedback, and we’ve listened. In addition …

Taking a Deep Dive into Board Excellence at the 2018 Board & Senior Leadership Conference

Jen Dodd, Director of Education & Communications News, Stories

Presented by    Registration for our 2018 Board & Senior Leadership Conference on November 8th is steaming along. And we’re thrilled to announce that J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. has joined us as the Presenting Sponsor! Do you have your seats yet? Tampa Bay nonprofit leaders–and their board members–keep telling us how excited they are that NLC has tapped not …

Using For-Profit Language to Think Differently About Nonprofits

Guest post by Patricia Q. Connolly, BoardSource News, Stories

Republished with the permission of BoardSource, the recognized leader in nonprofit board leadership. Nonprofits face many challenges today that are unique to the sector, with fundraising being one that immediately comes to mind. But nonprofit organizations are not necessarily as different from their for-profit counterparts as one might think; both require strong governance and oversight to accomplish their goals. They also …