How to engage corporate partners

Corporate Sponsorships & Partnerships: Funders Share Advice on How to Engage Corporate Partners

Team NLC Tips

Companies gave nearly $17 billion to charities during 2020 (Giving USA 2020), representing a critical revenue source and strategic partner for nonprofits. With 8 in 10 Americans expecting businesses to positively impact society (Cone/Porter Novelli, 2018), gone are the days of companies merely being satisfied with visibility and their name on an event T-shirt. Today, engaging corporate partners requires nonprofits …

Should Fundraisers Friend Donors on Facebook?

Guest post by Steven Shattuck of Bloomerang Stories

Republished with permission Social media is great for connecting with true friends and close family members, but it also creates awkward situations when a friend request comes through from a person who we might not went to let into our private lives just yet. A co-worker, a distant cousin, a new acquaintance. What about a fundraiser? Should they accept a …