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Advancing Your Nonprofit Career: Certificate in Leadership vs. Certificate in Nonprofit Management — Which is right for you?

Charlie Imbergamo, CFRE Tips

Strong leaders know there is no finish line when it comes to learning. Leadership requires courage, curiosity, focus and adaptability — all while motivating and empowering others to do and be their best. Yet today, half of nonprofit leaders say they lack the knowledge, experience or resources necessary to be successful (Source: ProInspire). As a nonprofit organization that exists to …

Nonprofits Won’t Let a Pandemic or Recession Stop Them from Helping Communities

Team NLC Leadership, News

The Nonprofit Leadership Center Announces Its Largest Certificate in Nonprofit Management Class at the University of Tampa in the Graduate Program’s 13-Year History As nonprofits face continued financial and operational challenges, the Nonprofit Leadership Center and the University of Tampa have launched the largest Certificate in Nonprofit Management class in the history of this graduate program, which began in 2007. …