Chris Johnson discusses inclusive leadership on the Nonprofit Leadership Center blog

Leaders Who Authentically Embrace Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Believe These 8 Things

Christopher Johnson, NLC Board Member Tips

Everywhere you turn, organizations are posting diversity statements on their websites and hiring leaders to oversee diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. But “diversity, equity and inclusion” (DE&I) is not a corporate buzz phrase or leadership trend; it represents the non-negotiable pillars on which strong cultures must be built. How do you know if you and your organization truly embody inclusive …

Responding to Racial Inequities with Outrage and Optimism

Emily H. Benham, FAHP, CFRE, CEO, NLC News

The past few months have been extraordinarily difficult for our community and our nation. While nonprofit organizations continue to show up and step up to help solve our greatest challenges, nonprofit leaders are hurting just as so many Americans are right now. Some of you may be processing your anger, frustration and sadness. Some of you may be grappling with …