3 Ways to Learn from Your Fundraising Mistakes

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Inspiring donors to invest in your mission is an art and a science. Our work as fundraisers requires us to cultivate relationships and demonstrate our impact while staying ahead of giving trends and providing an exceptional year-round experience. With all the responsibilities fundraisers have in a changing donor landscape, you’re bound to make a mistake or two along the way. …

How to Apply for a Grant: Your Guide to Winning Proposals

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Grant writing that leads to grant winning requires more than a technically correct and polished proposal. In today’s increasingly competitive and ever-evolving nonprofit sector, organizations must connect emotionally with potential funders to open their hearts and wallets. Are you wondering how to apply for a grant that will stand out from other applicants? How to Apply for a Grant and …

Mind Your Manners (and Other Practical Tips for Calling a Prospective Funder)

NLC trainer, Sara Leonard Stories

Calling a prospective funder shouldn’t just be another phone call to quickly check off your to-do list. At the point of actually picking up the phone, you should be confident the funder is open to your communication (Call Me… Maybe: Determining If You Should Call a Foundation Prospect) and have spent time researching and preparing to make the call (Wait, …

Do Your Own Fundraising Research? You Bet!

Guest post by Jen Filla, Aspire Research Group News, Stories

One of the hot topics in the prospect research field is whether we researchers are going to be replaced by all of the great software products out there. With the click of your mouse you can search multiple public records databases and spit a profile out of your printer. Even data analytics has become more accessible with easy software interfaces. …

Don’t Bury the Lead

Republished post by NLC trainer Sara Leonard Stories

I watched as several nonprofits were interviewed on TV recently. As I often do, I passionately expressed my frustration. This is also known as yelling at a TV that can’t hear me (at least that’s what my husband calls it). Why, you ask? I’ll explain. A reporter started with the question, “what does your organization do?” There it is: the …

Taking a Deep Dive into Board Excellence at the 2018 Board & Senior Leadership Conference

Jen Dodd, Director of Education & Communications News, Stories

Presented by    Registration for our 2018 Board & Senior Leadership Conference on November 8th is steaming along. And we’re thrilled to announce that J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. has joined us as the Presenting Sponsor! Do you have your seats yet? Tampa Bay nonprofit leaders–and their board members–keep telling us how excited they are that NLC has tapped not …

Using For-Profit Language to Think Differently About Nonprofits

Guest post by Patricia Q. Connolly, BoardSource News, Stories

Republished with the permission of BoardSource, the recognized leader in nonprofit board leadership. Nonprofits face many challenges today that are unique to the sector, with fundraising being one that immediately comes to mind. But nonprofit organizations are not necessarily as different from their for-profit counterparts as one might think; both require strong governance and oversight to accomplish their goals. They also …

Announcing the Best Practices Summit: Building the NEW Board Governance Toolkit

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  Team NLC is thrilled to announce that registration is NOW OPEN for our 2018 Board & Senior leadership Conference on November 8th. This year we’re bringing in not one but two BoardSource experts for a Best Practices Summit: Building the NEW Board Governance Toolkit. And we’re pleased to host this event in a new venue: the USF St. Petersburg …

2018 Board & Senior Leadership Conference | Best Practices Summit: Building the NEW Board Governance Toolkit

Jenn Dodd

  • 2018 Board & Senior Leadership Conference
    November 8, 2018
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Presented by    Join us on November 8th for the Board & Senior Leadership Conference  at USF St. Petersburg with Chuck Loring & Vernetta Walker!   Best Practices Summit: Building the NEW Board Governance Toolkit November 8th | 8 am-5 pm | USF St. Petersburg   CONFERENCE AGENDA November 8, 2018 USFSP Student Center, 200 6th Ave S, Read More