Video Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

Video Marketing Tips for Nonprofits: 7 Ways to Create Better Videos on Your Phone

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Should your nonprofit be creating more video content? Regardless of your available resources, the answer is yes. Video generates 1,200% more shares on social media than text and image content combined (Wordstream), and conversion rates increase when video is included on website landing pages and in email. But how do you create videos that move your audiences to action, especially …

How to engage corporate partners

Corporate Sponsorships & Partnerships: Funders Share Advice on How to Engage Corporate Partners

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Companies gave nearly $17 billion to charities during 2020 (Giving USA 2020), representing a critical revenue source and strategic partner for nonprofits. With 8 in 10 Americans expecting businesses to positively impact society (Cone/Porter Novelli, 2018), gone are the days of companies merely being satisfied with visibility and their name on an event T-shirt. Today, engaging corporate partners requires nonprofits …

New Resources to Respond to Nonprofit Needs

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In an ongoing effort to help nonprofits overcome challenges caused by the COVID-19 crisis, we recently asked nonprofit leaders about their current mindset and most pressing needs. Nearly 100 nonprofit leaders responded to our online survey fielded between May 12 and 19, 2020. The outcome was clear: Nonprofit leaders are looking for supportive and innovative ways to overcome personal anxiety …

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Why Nonprofits Must Think Differently About Measuring and Reporting Impact

Sheff Crowder & Jesica D'Avanza Tips

In 2008, author and renowned philanthropy expert Dan Pallotta challenged nonprofits to find a better way to communicate organizational impact. More than a decade later, our sector still struggles to communicate how our work truly makes a difference. How should nonprofits measure and articulate their impact? How do we communicate what social returns on investment look like? As a sector, …

How to Create Breakthrough Communications on a Budget

Jesica D'Avanza, MPA, APR Tips

Picture this: You’re a nonprofit organization that does critical work to improve your community. You’ve identified a science-backed solution that will make a significant impact on countless individuals and families, but it requires parents, educators, business executives and community leaders to know about it and take action. It’s a big undertaking, but your team is up to the task. There’s …

How to Get Gen Z to Care about Your Cause

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Close your eyes. Think about some of the most successful and iconic nonprofit programs and fundraising events of our time. Nationally televised telethons, global charity walks, giving phenomenons spurred by a single bucket of ice. Now open your eyes and come back to reality. Many of the strategies that have worked in the past are no longer relevant or sustainable. …

NEW 2019 Nonprofit Leadership Classes in Pinellas County

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We recently asked nonprofit leaders across Tampa Bay to tell us how the Nonprofit Leadership Center can better support and strengthen their work. The answer was clear: Offer more classes in Pinellas County. “I’d like to see NLC take some of their courses into the community and do more in Pinellas.” You shared your feedback, and we’ve listened. In addition …

Don’t Bury the Lead

Republished post by NLC trainer Sara Leonard Stories

I watched as several nonprofits were interviewed on TV recently. As I often do, I passionately expressed my frustration. This is also known as yelling at a TV that can’t hear me (at least that’s what my husband calls it). Why, you ask? I’ll explain. A reporter started with the question, “what does your organization do?” There it is: the …

Public Speaking & Storytelling to Increase Your Nonprofit’s Visibility

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Our 5 Articles series features articles covering subjects relevant to nonprofit success, leadership, marketing, human resources, communications, social media, finance and governance. With so much out there to take in, we want to share five that we don’t think you should miss. Today, we’re talking about public speaking and storytelling for nonprofits. Here’s where to start: Why Nonprofits Need to …