Chris Johnson discusses inclusive leadership on the Nonprofit Leadership Center blog

Leaders Who Authentically Embrace Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Believe These 8 Things

Christopher Johnson, NLC Board Member Tips

Everywhere you turn, organizations are posting diversity statements on their websites and hiring leaders to oversee diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. But “diversity, equity and inclusion” (DE&I) is not a corporate buzz phrase or leadership trend; it represents the non-negotiable pillars on which strong cultures must be built. How do you know if you and your organization truly embody inclusive …

Five Classes to Make 2020 Your Nonprofit’s Best Year

Team NLC News

We recently asked nonprofit leaders across Tampa Bay to tell us about the most challenging issues facing their organizations and the skills they need to overcome them. Overwhelmingly, our nonprofit community wants assistance improving their organizational culture, enhancing team dynamics and navigating changes in the workplace. “We need to focus on communications styles, teamwork and how everyone isn’t like you …

What Businesses Want from Nonprofit Partners

Team NLC Tips

If you’re like many nonprofits, you’ve heard the term Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR. It’s the phrase used to refer to a business approach that aims to positively contribute to our society. While initially a form of corporate self-regulation to promote sustainable business practices, CSR is no longer a single-issue effort or ad hoc attempt by a company’s marketing department …