Image of a Black woman at her desk honing her mental fitness

How to Build Mental Fitness: 5 Tools to Increase Your Leadership Resilience

Charlie Imbergamo | Director of Strategic Programs Resources

What if you could see every challenge as an opportunity to enhance your leadership, team and organization? It’s possible, but it requires mental fitness and leadership resilience. What is mental fitness? How do you increase mental fitness? What are the fundamentals of mental fitness and resilience? In this video, you’ll learn how to build mental fitness with five powerful tools …

Leading Through Pandemic Fatigue

Pandemic Fatigue: Leading Yourself and Others Through Challenging Times

Charlie Imbergamo | Director of Strategic Programs Resources

More than one year into the pandemic, individuals and teams have experienced prolonged periods of stress that can wreak havoc on personal health, relationships and work performance. In this video, explore how excessive stress and worry can affect you and your organization, learn how to prioritize self-care and receive practical strategies to immediately begin implementing to manage stress in every aspect …

WATCH: Managing Mental and Emotional Exhaustion

Charlie Imbergamo | Director of Strategic Programs Resources

In this time of prolonged crisis, everyone is feeling emotionally exhausted. Mental exhaustion can cause both physical and emotional effects that can affect your personality and productivity. NLC trainer, mindfulness expert and therapist DrStem: Sithembile Mahlatini, Ed.D., LCSW shares the triggers of mental and emotional exhaustion and offers strategies you can begin using immediately to normalize your new routine, regain …

WATCH: Strategies to Cope with COVID-19 Anxiety

Charlie Imbergamo | Director of Strategic Programs Resources

As COVID-19 spreads across the globe, health care professionals are sharing public health information to help people prepare, not panic, for the real possibility of the virus affecting them and their loved ones. While this information is helpful for many, it can send others into an unhealthy state of worrying. The powerlessness and anxiety we feel can morph into common …