Image of Margarita Sarmiento with her quote: "An organization’s impact can only be as strong as the willingness of its people to take on the perspectives of others. "

Addressing Unconscious Bias: Where Awareness and Understanding Begin

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We each carry a different perspective into the interactions we have and situations we experience. In other words, my reality is not your reality. Our bias, or our tendency to see the world through a lens that favors our own reality, shapes what we see. As we go through life understanding different realities, our own perspectives and opinions change. None …

Maintaining Morale While Leading Virtual Teams

Margarita Sarmiento Tips

Social distancing and working from home have scattered our workforces, pushing many of us outside our comfort zones and creating entirely new ways to work and communicate. For those responsible for leading virtual teams, maintaining employee morale and motivation is critical as staff members feel increasingly isolated. Whether in times of normalcy or uncertainty, the most crucial aspect of keeping …

New Manager Mis-Steps

Guest post by Kathy McDonald News, Stories

Robert* was making Janice* crazy.  He hired her for her research skills but then delegated only menial tasks, and kept her out of the loop on the most strategic projects.  He invited her to join him for a conference presentation, but then expected her to watch him present rather than present with him.  Robert kept promising a pipeline of interesting …