Trainer | Stephanie Gularte, MFA, CPC, CPT

Stephanie is passionate about using creative practices, focused strategy and physical vitality approaches to inspire others to thrive. She began her work in the performing arts more than 20 years ago as a professional stage actor and director. For the past 14 years, she has worked as CEO/producing artistic director for performing arts organizations, where she has learned to integrate successful business strategies with creative expertise.

As a lifelong learner, certified leadership coach, experienced stage director, nonprofit CEO and certified personal trainer, Stephanie’s diverse experience provides a unique, integrative perspective to inspire nonprofit leaders and creative personalities to create more energized, more satisfying lives and careers by cultivating clarity of purpose, promoting wellness and devising effective strategies to achieve higher levels of performance to bring about profound and sustainable positive change. Her unique program, The Energy Advantage, integrates creative mindset techniques, physical vitality practices and personalized strategic planning to transform the way you live, work and engage in the world.

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