A Book Review: Small Message, Big Impact

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A book review of Small Message, Big Impact, written by Terri Sjodin

Have you worked hard on that short speech so you will be ready the next time you only have a few minutes to say what you want to when you run into that “very important person?” Are your thoughts developed and organized to take advantage of all opportunities that come your way? Have you perfected your communications skills so that your next sales pitch gets you exactly what you want (a longer appointment for instance?)

If not, there is help. Pick up this short but powerful book that gets you ready to achieve those goals. Small Message, Big Impact – How To Put the Power of the Elevator Speech Effect To Work For You, is a practical how-to guide on effectively communicating an important message in a short period of time and getting tangible results. An elevator speech is not your goal; rather it’s your means to an end. The end product of your elevator speech is to obtain a longer meeting which then provides you sufficient time to achieve your bigger goal (a sale, a new idea, concept or project, or a new donor or volunteer.)

Learn the simple details of the elevator speech: introduction, body, conclusion and close. Find out how to make your speech intriguing and inspirational. Put yourself in your listener’s shoes and ask yourself, “What does your message mean to them? Will you save them time or money? Will you preserve their mental sanity or can you offer them security? Will you make life more fun for them?”

Follow the easy steps of how to create a persuasive and compelling case. Learn the importance of speaking in your own authentic voice for maximum effectiveness.

Don’t forget: everyone needs an elevator speech as we are all selling something at some time. Whether you are in the for-profit or the not-for profit world, you will often find yourself in circumstances that require the need to generate immediate results. In most cases, telling your story well is critical and sharing your message effectively is essential.

Take advantage of the easy-to-learn skills outlined in this book so that you’ll deliver the perfect elevator speech and never waste another moment on lost opportunities.

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