A Book Review: Tribal Leadership

Lorraine Faithful Uncategorized

A book review of Tribal Leadership – Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization, by Dave Logan, John King and Halee Fischer-Wright

Are you seeking to improve your (or your employee’s) performance, serve your market better and have a blast doing it? I’m sure that most everyone would agree that these are lofty goals and perhaps seemingly difficult to achieve. But Tribal Leadership gives us down-to-earth practical explanations of how anyone or any organization can easily achieve their highest and best use.

The authors say that every organization is a tribe – a small group or set of small groups (think of your cellphone listings or address book), and that tribes are basic building blocks of any large human effort, including earning a living. Birds flock, fish school, and people “tribe.” Tribal leaders are created in the tribal groups and make the difference between the performance level of tribes. “Change the language in the tribe, change the tribe itself.” Tribal leadership is a journey to understand themselves and people around them better, and as a result, know exactly what actions will affect their workplaces.

This book’s goal is for you to learn the tools to become a tribal leader resulting in a more effective workplace, greater strategic success, less stress, more fun, build a better organization and make an impact. Tribal leaders focus on culture and words people use and the type of relationships they form as well as behavior. It does not address beliefs, attitudes or other factors not directly observed.

Learn about the insights and vocabulary of a tribal leader and about five tribal stages described in this book. Find out how leaders can upgrade or move people and an organization from the lowest stage where the personal outlook is that “life sucks”, to the highest stage where people express the “life is great” and teamwork is achieved at its highest possible level.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their performance, serve their market and have fun doing it. Tribal Leadership can be purchased by clicking here.