Delivering Happiness

Grace Armstrong Uncategorized

I think that everyone that runs a business, including nonprofits, should read the book Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh (Shay), the founder and CEO of Zappo’s. Zappo’s is an online retailer which begain as the first online show store but now sells many other products. It was recently acquired by Amazon, but continues to operate independently.

The top goal on which Zappo’s was built was to wow their customers with extraordinary customer service. They did no marketing on the belief that outstanding customer service would bring new and returning customers through word of mouth. They were right.

Zappo’s built a company culture that is based on specific core values determined by Zappo’s employees. They make decisions based on core values and hire only people that will fit the Zappo’s culture. The culture they live is one that says that the company will be successful by delivering happiness for their customers, their employees, and their vendors.

Why can’t all companies be like Zappo’s? As nonprofits why don’t we make delivering happiness to our clients, our employees, and our funders a top priority? All it takes is a lot of common sense and a commitment to the process of delivering happiness. Nonprofits all want to be the premier deliverer of services in their field. This is the sure path to accomplishing that goal. What can you do today to begin to change your company culture so that client, employee, and funder happness is your primary goal and a sure path to your success?