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Should You Pursue a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management?

The number of students and professionals who have received a graduate certificate doubled from 2000 to 2014, according to Statista. In fact, research from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce reveals that certificates are the fastest growing form of postsecondary credentials in the nation. So how do you know if pursuing a graduate certificate in nonprofit management is right for you?

graduate certificate in nonprofit management can be the gateway to career growth and impact for both new and seasoned nonprofit professionals. Here’s a look into what’s involved, the key benefits and first-hand experience from three recent graduates.

What can you expect from a nonprofit management graduate certificate program?

The Nonprofit Leadership Center offers a graduate certificate in nonprofit management in collaboration with the University of Tampa. The program is taught by Ph.D. faculty in partnership with leading nonprofit practitioners.

Why you should pursue a graduate certificate in nonprofit management via NLC

The courses are delivered as four intensive one-week seminars over 18 months, representing 12 credit hours of graduate-level instruction. Candidates must spend two weeks in a calendar year away from their offices for the seminars with their fellow program participants.

Certificate candidates are immersed in a life-changing experience with other organizational leaders and future leaders. Students increase their knowledge of the local nonprofit sector, work alongside professionals from other organizations to solve real-world challenges and network with the brightest minds in the field.

Why you should pursue a graduate certificate in nonprofit management via NLC

Students work in teams on real-world projects facing nonprofit organizations represented in the program. The journey culminates by each student group presenting their comprehensive plans to a panel of business and nonprofit professionals.

Why you should pursue a graduate certificate in nonprofit management via NLC

What are the benefits of pursuing a graduate certificate in nonprofit management?

Should you invest your time and money in a graduate certificate? Here are three benefits to consider.

1. Enhance Your Skills to Elevate Your Impact
For nonprofit leaders and those considering a career in the nonprofit sector, a graduate certificate in nonprofit management helps you take a big-picture approach to being strategic and efficient in our ever-changing world. Associate professor of management at the University of Tampa and the program director for our graduate certificate in nonprofit management Amy Beekman, Ph.D., says the program prepares the next generation of nonprofit leaders to build capacity that strengthens organizations and communities by sharpening skills in many different areas of management. Regardless of your area of focus, a graduate certificate in nonprofit management opens you up to every aspect of running a nonprofit successfully — from strategic planning and board governance to marketing communicationsfinancial management and fundraising. The comprehensive approach ensures leaders are ready and able to make a lasting impact for their employees, volunteers, contituents and communities.

2. Expand Your Network
Being part of a graduate certificate program is a unique way to connect with other leaders and grow your professional network. Students and executives often forge relationships that lead not only to best practice sharing and problem-solving, but also to hiring fellow students or alumni. Graduates of the nonprofit management certificate program at the University of Tampa also enjoy alumni gatherings to expand networking opportunities and their ability to call on experts across the region for advice, collaborations and more.

3. Elevate Your Career Opportunities
In addition to the added credentials and expertise you gain from a graduate certificate in nonprofit management, a recent report from Forbes showed that those who’ve earned a graduate certificate receive an estimated 13% to 25% increase in salary. Your experience and earning potential can grow significantly through lifelong learning.

What are nonprofit leaders saying about their experience?

Wondering what your peers and colleagues think about their experience in NLC’s graduate certificate in nonprofit management program at UT? Was it worth the time and investment? Three recent graduates share their perspective on what they learned and if you should consider it.

Take the next step.

Take the next step in your career and personal development by learning more about the graduate certificate in nonprofit management at UT. Find upcoming info sessions, tuition costs and more here.

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